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Lake St. Clair Smallmouth

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by angler103, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. A few of the better smallies we caught. Two and a half days of fishing and we had about 12 over 4 pounds. Here are a few, enjoy. Sorry about the sizing, im a little new to the whole scanning thing.






  2. Nice 103. That is what you call some "Biggy Smalls"!!!!!! Hey FinsNGrins, when we going over there????? I'll trade you a Minnesota trip for a St. Clair trip............Fair???

  3. Nice Smallies Man I Love That Lake , Just Say When Deano Lets Go!!!!!
  4. Those are somefootballs! Man nice fish really nice!
  5. Hey Dean you said I could go to Minn too and we have not being there yet. Hey angler I would like to go and try the smallmouth out myself.
  6. Are you kidding, 410, Angler is relation, and I can't even get an invite.
  7. Heck JL, if you went nobody else would have a chance of catching anything...:bowdown:
  8. Boy, that'd guy would be out of my will in a hurry with that kind of attitude!
  9. Exactly, I like to catch a few now and then, not just net. Except it seems like I do a lot of that for bronzeback as well....
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