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Lake St. Clair

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by angler103, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Bronzeback and myself got back from a 3 day trip up to lake st. clair..... bronzeback some how managed to land this guy.... 2.5 hour fight, 80 - 100 lbs.


  2. Nice Sturgeon Bronzeback, How Was The Smallmouth Fishing & Did You Catch Any Big Skis
  3. I keep hoping to land one of those, but so far Zilch!

    Nice catch!
  4. Nice fish, that makes the trip worth while.
  5. nice lake sturgeon

    Neat to think that fish is probably 50-75 years old.... Nice catch!
  6. Hey 103
    How's School going?? Smally fishing was a little slow compared to what its been. We managed a couple hundred but the average size was smaller than usual. We had a dozen or so over 4-1/2 but nothing over 5. Another boat that went with us had a ski on for awhile, it took his 3lber for a snack and spit i back at him close to the boat. Tore the fish up pretty good.
    Was a Great Trip other than the first night we get back to camp someone stole all our beer from the cooler. O'ya and a pack of dogs.. Pricks didn't even leave us couple to cool us down..
  7. the worst kind of crime LIFE IN PRISON FOR THE BEER STEALERS!!!!!!!!!, overall sounds like you guys had a great trip thanks for the report, makes me want to go back even more now. we usually stay at the state park run across the shipping channel and go up the chimatogon channel and fish alot on the indian res.
  8. Oh, it's going. I know the 492 is missing me. Ill try to get some of the smallie pictures up later this evening. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite water ways to fish. I made it up there three times this year but that was not nearly enough.