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Lake Tippicanoe

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by BrodyCarter2008, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. I have a lake cottage up on Big Tippy on Lake Tippicanoe and I was wondering if anyone fished there if the fish were biting because I can only catch small stuff so I was wondering where some good spots were if nayone fished there.
  2. Lake Tipppy in northeast indiana? Sure have.. Last fish I caught there was 42.5" Musky.. Lots of big fish in that lake, Smally's, largemouth, Northern Pike, White Bass and Musky. For Musky and Northern I keep the boat between 15' and 20' of water casting towards shore, Bass I'd stay in closer unless you got good electronics and want to try and play with smally's that are deep. White Bass I look for the Schools of shad busting the surface and work small minnow baits or topwaters.. Trolling can be good for Musky and Northern also.. With the water temps so high right now all fishing will be tough. Bass might be the best bet early morning or in the evening. For Bass in those two periods I'd be casting up shallow on the weed flats, with some of the bigger fish coming from as deep as 8'.. If you want to target Musky and have not before, I'd suggest one of the guides in the area, Chae Dolson and Vince Weirick both live on lakes in the area and know them well. Ye Olde and Number one stop should have their brochures.

    here is Vince's website: at this time Chae does not have one, but can usually be contacted through the Webster Lake Musky Club website..