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land users permits

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by 410, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Just got my Michigan Outdoor News and looking inside I found this article:
    Time for state land-users permits. It is time this idea come to th forfront. What Michigan needs is a pay-to-play program for its state land users.
    Do you know there are thousands of mushroom pickers that converge on the springtime woods to pick mushrooms for free? Some sell them for profit and get as much as $30 to $50 per pound. It's time for the people of the state of Michigan who use our great state lands for recreation and profit to help pay for the lands they enjoy. Here is the idea: If you are going to be on state land, you must have in your possession one of the following -
    a hunting/trapping license that is valid for that year, or a state land-users permit. The permit would cost the same as our hunting license. The purchase of this permit would tell the DNR just how many people use the state lands for reasons other than hunting, trapping and fishing. Think about all the mushroom and berry pickers, cross country skiers, snowshoers, bikers, hikers, and horseback riders. All the campers, target shooters, birdwatchers and photographers. All these users paying $15 to use our state lands.
    What do you think about land-users permits?
  2. just goes to show you it's not really public land it's government land. when the want more money they'll just raise the price of the permit to whatever makes them feel good. or sell it. so how is our public land?

  3. I've been saying for years that there would come a time when you would have to have a license for mushroom season.:banghead3
  4. Mixed Emotions

    I See Two Sides To This Arguement. Is Having A Mushroom License All That Much Different From A Hunting License. If The State Would Use The License Funds To Purchase More Land, It Might Be A Good Thing To Have.

    However, Knowing Government, Like I Know Government, The Funds Would Get Stuck In Some Politicians Pet Project And Never Be Used To Improve Or Buy More Land. It Would Probably End Up Just Being Another Tax.
  5. Nothing surprises me anymore these days! Hell just look at the news yesterday and you only saw the government OK our national debt to reach $9,000,000,000,000. Apparently our politicians have never heard of the phrase "don't spend what you don't have!"

    The more we see our state debts and national debt go higher, the more we are going to see ignorant fees, licenses, taxes, etc. so our gov't can make a few more coins!
  6. exactly!! it's gonna get worse too. the states are getting in on the action to. thanks to saundra day occonner the state can condem your property for pennies on the dollar and increase their tax revenue.
  7. You know i think that is bs, we buy the land though money (Taxes) that is taken from us to buy this land so it can be called state parks or state rec areas then we must pay again to in joy it. We must pay to get in the gates we must pay to lauch a boat we must pay to have a boat on the water we must pay to hunt game. How many ways must we pay for the same land.
  8. I think it's about time that the mushroom pickers, the hikers, the birdwatchers, the leaf lookers, the campers, the ginsengers, and all the other users of the public lands pony up some money for the ground that was purchased with money from hunters. They demonstrate against us and stop proper management of the resource and use it for free???? What's that about? It's time that they carry some of the load. Here in Indiana they have kept the state and feds from managing the forests properly for decades. Make 'em pay to use OUR woods and fields.

  9. i agree with you jack on the usage bit. but....................the funds that this will bring in more than likely won't be put back into where it should. i have a hard time believing anything congress or the senate does with money generated from hard working people.
  10. WOW hunters paid and everyone else enjoys, is that fair?
  11. no, we all hunters have to get a license, in most cases, to hunt private ground. the land belongs to the taxpayers of the state period. i just moved up here from around the salamonie reservoir country. the state doesnt spend money on the land, the state spends it for the land. state of the art mowing equipment(john deere of course), plenty of new pick-ups, wild bird seed, wild flowers...bottom line, they just cant manage money in an efficient manner and they are always looking for a new resource to keep it rolling in...the truth of the matter is that they dont have the hunter, naturalist, or even hikers best interests in mind at is about $$$$$$$$$$$...and to keep it rolling in so they can spend it foolishly.....why? because they can!!!!!!!! just my 2 cents worth.....
  12. It is public land? Right? Then why should anyone have to pay to get on it. I mean the public pays taxes at such an alarming rate there should be enough to go around. It's the baby boomers! They have screwed things up so bad that it will take 3 generations to make them right again. It is a sad situation.:coolgleam
  13. Is "OUR" man Mitch a baby boomer?? The next thing he will want to do is lease our public water and land out to some foreigners. Enough is enough already!:hide:
  14. wake up indiana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!