Last Call Bowhunters

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Main Beam, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Getting down the very end of early archery season. How many of you guys are heading in the woods today or tomorrow for one more archery session? I plan on getting out and hunting one last time tomorrow night. Really want to score with a bow rather than a gun this year.
  2. Right there with you Main Beam. Not going out today, but I will be out Fri afternoon for one last bow hunt.

  3. I'm out of the woods Thursday and Friday (one would have to be nuts to be out there today in this weather and 30+mph winds).
    I'll have all next week off for vacation, and sure hope to be picking the bow back up about mid-week to fill that last archery tag with another doe for the freezer. Saturday's all about tossin' slugs :biggrin: !!!
  4. I've been hitting the woods edge right behind my house for the past couple nights and will continue tonight and tomorrow night on my quest for my back yard buck. I've got a couple studs hanging out around my house. Two nights ago I was at full draw on one of them at 35 yards in my yard. He just would not stop walking long enough for a shot.

    So yep, I won't give up. Come Saturday, it is all about putting my daughter on a deer. I could care less about my hunting as long as she is out with me.:cool:
  5. Quail's right, it'd be crazy to be out there today. But I will be out there tomorrow night trying to fill an archery tag on a doe before WWIII breaks out on Saturday. It might be the last time this season I actually get to see deer moving "naturally."
  6. Weather is absolutely AWFUL up here today.... I'll give a report as I'll be out deer hunting in it later! ;)

    Back out in the morning....then join the O. army.:(
  7. Call me crazy, but I actually woke up this morning anticipating going out. It was blowing and raining, etc. Even I'm not stupid enough to get in a tree in what I woke up to this A.M. O.K., maybe I am.

    I'll be going out this afternoon for sure. It's the rut and anything can happen. Wish me luck...that is that I won't fall out of the tree and get pnuemonia (Did I spell that right, J.L?).

    Won't be able to hunt the opener on Saturday, but will get after it soon enough.

    Good luck everyone....
  8. I have been out all week in the PM's seen 8 different bucks and 2 monsters, hopefully tonight and Tomorro night I can close the deal on on of em.
  9. Must be a day for a football game and a concert...:yikes:
  10. No.
  11. Say what you want cry babies, but you should have been out there today. I had to work, but will be out there tomorrow. On the way to work I saw....

    1 doe crossing a field

    1/2 mile later I saw 5 does and a buck in a soybean stubble

    1/2 mile later I saw 3 bucks together in a soybean stubble field (one shooter)

    1 mile later I saw 1 doe go across the road in front of me. All that in dim light and fogged windows. How many more did I drive by and not see. Should have been out there today. Get em Quail.
  12. Yeah what Scott said....if I had been off work today I would have been out there...:dizzy: ....really I would have...:cwm27: ....OK maybe not early this morning but I'd be out there now, it looks perfect for droppin' one today.
  13. A friend of mine went out he passed on the frist two bucks, a 6 then a small 8. The next one by he took. HE said its a B&C 8 pointer.All 60 yards from his house.
  14. Get a pic posted on here quick!!!!!