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Last Chance!

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by HuntinIN, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Good luck to everyone hunting the last day of late archery tomorrow. Managed to get a mature doe within 10 yards today and also on new years day, but do not need the meat! Did see a small buck this morning in the dark with a doe on the way in to my area. It has been a lot of fun hunting all season. I was lucky enough to get to hunt more this year than ever before. Do it again tomorrow. Good luck to you diehards!:) Lets hear what you all see and have seen hunting lately.
  2. I saw bucks chasing does today at 3 seperate locations while putting out deer cams. On one farm I saw five 1.5 year old bucks chasing the same yearling doe, and she was worn out. This was all between 10:00 and noon.

  3. had 15 under me this morning all within 25 yards and could not move to many eyes watching after about 5 mins. of this got busted moving my head only 2 inches to my left and a big doe caught me and bye bye they went.
  4. Just got up to hunt the final day. Good luck to all who are going out.


  5. Same here, foggy as heck!!!!! What a season, passed more bucks this year than ever before.
  6. Good luck to all. With going to church this morning I will not be able to go until tonight. GOOD LUCK
  7. Good luck to all who venture out this last day. I'll be wishing you all the best while some of us keep the world turning by actually working.
  8. Good luck to all of you. I have chosen a brand new approach for this last day of the season, the sleep until 10 AM and then sit on my butt all day approach. I probably wont see many deer but it'll give me a chance to get organized for the new job I'm starting tomorrow. Lets hear all the stories from closing day fellas!! Enjoy the last hunt...because soon enough begins the hard work for next year!!! (we all know thats the best part)
  9. I went out yesterday am and pm. Saw only 1 doe that was out of range. Did see a big lo' tom walking thru the CRP. He was a nice one, might try turkey hunting for the first time this spring. Heading out this evening for one last time. I would hate to see how many hours I have on stand this year. With all those hours I have learned much more this year than years past.
  10. Hey just wanted to say good luck to all who are going hunting today! Hope it will be a successful hunt.
  11. Quail are you saying I don't work? HA! I have a very important job and the paid is just beautiful. I don't think there is many out there that could do the job I have.
  12. Well, the rain finally got to me about noon time. Didn't see anything this morning except a couple deer around 6:30am in the headlights on the way in. My buddy got in the right spot and saw a few deer around 10:30 including one spike. As I was climbing down for the last time this season, I thought for sure I heard two big bucks back in the woods making the snort-chuckle vocalization (any one else ever heard this?). I've got something for one of those jokers come October, oh yeah. I also passed quite a few decent bucks this year waiting for mr. big to give me a break. Next year should be a banner one for some real giants! I might have to put in my reservation for Brew's Double "D" ranch!

  13. Good luck to all you arrow slingers...I'm headed out for some more trout!
  14. No Tuck, I wasn't making comment on your job. It's your job to scout the fishing grounds for us, so my weekends are more productive, right?
  15. seen a very nice 8 pointer today sitting in my phone truck in anderson he was on a trailer going towards town looked to be about 20inches wide someone sure got a nice one for the last day of season!
    why to go dude