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last hunt "not bad"

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by DBurris, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. went into a flooded bean field this morning 3 mallards one goose. ;)
  2. Nice going DBurris.

  3. Not a bad way to finish uo the year. Nice job!
  4. I tried a stalk on some deer feeding in a winter wheat field to no the woods was just too open to sneak across and get on the edge for a shot.. I made it to about 35 yards and they boogied. I knew the last ten to fifteen were going to be the toughest but it was worth on last shot on the season. Anywho i was walking out and the geese started coming off the ponds. I missed three with my bow. It was fun though i gotta learn to lead them a little more... The last one was pretty close though.
  5. Is it next season yet i can't wait.
  6. Killed two mallards this morning saw several. Gonna hit it hard the next two mornings. Way to many flooded fields though making it pretty tough.
  7. We made a last ditch effort on the geese Saturday morning. We set up in a corn field that I'd seen them use for 3 days in a row. Saturday morning, we saw a lot of birds, but few barely gave us a look. We hunted until noon and then went for a drive. All the birds were in all of our other fields.:banghead3 Figures.

    Oh well, a good season overall. Killed a lot of birds and saw a lot of action.

    Sept. 1 can't get here fast enough.:biggrin:
  8. Dec from the pictures ive been seeing this year it looks like you guys had pretty good year Congrats.
  9. Yea, it was a great late season. Our early season stunk, but late season rocked.:coolgleam

    I'm sure we could have killed birds Saturday if we'd have set up on the pond that we've been killing them on, but we wanted to end it with a more traditional corn field hunt, so we rolled the dice. Still had fun.:cool:
  10. DEC you definitely looked like you had an awesome season. I still have a couple goose hunts left down south.

    It has been my best fowling season so far. Seen more birds than ever before, had back-2-back days limiting on teal in the early season, and finally getting some jewelry.
  11. DEC I really enjoyed you sharing your pictures with us this year, and those were cool videos. I'm planning to take the camera alot more next season now.
    My bud and I hunted a picked corn field saturday. Didn't see the #'s we had been seeing, but we managed to get a few birds to work. We ended up with 3. I had my limit, but my buddy had problems shooting straight.:bonk:
    Also, got my first neck collar this year. Hope to get many more in the future.