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Last Trip?

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by goggleye57, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. Went to Appleman Lake tonight- Ice still good. Had to take a big step to get on good ice. Won't be able to go this week after work. Fishing was slow - caught a dozen gills - 3 or 4 bigger one and the rest just big enough. The weekly question? Will there be ice next weekend?:)
  2. Ice Fishing in March is a bonus (at least here in Indiana) fish it while you can and have the boat ready to go the next day...

    I quit using planks to get to the "good Ice" years ago, But I fish the heck out of it when it's there!

    And this year I've really enjoyed having the Indiana Sportsman board around to see how everyone else is doing.

    If you do try to get out this week /weekend be careful, remember the fish will be there after the thaw too.

    Best of luck!


  3. LETS HOPE NOT!! :D im ready for spring crappie and big bluegills w/ the flyrod. Most of all im ready for just spring weather. Supposly headin up to Mishawaka steelheadin here next weekend.
  4. Noblebowhunter- I am told you could fish in your bathtub the other day:yikes:
  5. Still ice fishin

    I too am still ice fishin, I have been traveling over 100 miles one way just to get my fishin fix, here is a pic of Sundays catch, March 13th.

    Fished a lake just south of Angola. and the bite was tough for me but still managed a decent catch of 55 gills and redears.

  6. If it still fishable next weekend pm me if you want someone to go with you :)
  7. LOL goggleyes. Not too far off. Thought i found a new way to amuse myself by going to the bathroom and fishing at the same time but wasnt quite workin out :;) :fish2:
  8. fished eagle lake sunday(close to west noble high school) not much luck! but it was the first one i came to that i could get on! i too am interested in getting out one last time, latest i have ever ice fished before! still got the bug and want one last mess before mushroom season!:bonk: :corkysm55
  9. I still got 9 bags left in the freezer from last springs crappie/gill fest. That will soon be comin along. I take some of the frozen ones to a local farmer who lets us duck/goose hunt all his land. Butters him up prettygood...he loooooooooooves fish ;)
  10. Met up with John- hoosierbassin at Gene Stratton Porter on Sylvan this am at 6:30 am- Ice still decent when we started fishing - slow at first - started to rain and rained all morning. I ended up with 26 fish. I wouldn't go back tomorrow - don't trust the ice.
    Great to meet Hoosierbassin and get some last ice fishing in. He is a fishin maniac machine! [​IMG] Although I might drive up to Clear Lake tomorrow night and take a look and see if there are any guys any heftier than me on the ice [​IMG] Probably have to drive to Michigan to do anymore ice fishin.
  11. Maybe?!?

    Local bait shop said two guys went up to Clear Friday and still found 12" of ice near the island. They fished the east side in 19' of water & brought home 50+ perch in the 8-11" range with a few 12 inchers. Two older regulars went up today so I should be able to get a report this eve. I didn't do it yesterday - Woke up early & saw radar showing rain at South Bend so I decided to pass. Whatever, be careful!!! - The edges just have to be softening & then if "she" starts to float we're in trouble? - Well, get the boats primed!
  12. Last Trip Nothing!

    Just got off the phone with guys who were on Clear today. Didn't do that well compared to those who went yesterday BUT when I asked about the ice, he said, "Shoot, you can plan on next weekend, if you want!" There is 12" of ice, it's hard right to the shore, and there wasn't even any water on the ice. He shared they had lost no ice whatsoever! A buddy of theirs went way out on the sand bar between the east point & the island & brought in 11-12" perch. They tried across from Little Round for crappie&gills and ran into rock bass & a few gills instead. One other guy hit black crappie & had 16 with the size up to 15". So it looks good!
  13. ur welcome goggleyes lol :bowdown: congrats. But u tellin me ice fishin stories doesnt make spring come any faster lol
  14. Drove past Clear lake tonight- ice looks good and saw a dozen folks fishing on the north end -I charged up the old vexilar battery and I believe I might just go try it!:biggrin:
  15. Fished on Clear Lake this morning with Piggyn. Bite was slow but caught a few real nice crappies. Also a big goggleye:biggrin: Great to fish with you again Piggyn!
    Ice was good! Maybe I'll go again tomorrow morning ;)