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Last Weekend--Anybody Hunting??

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by Rauch, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Is anyone else going out this weekend to give it one more try? I just talked to one of my huntin buddy's and we are going to give it a try Saturday..
    Hopefully we can knock down a few.

    Anybody else going out or been having any recent luck??
  2. tryin' it

    Going to try it around the West Fork of the White River in Owen County this weekend. My buddy down there has been seeing Canada geese all week. Looking to be a good weekend compared to the last few. Good luck.


  3. How did you do? We had three pairs not commit and ducks all over us. Actually had the ducks in the water and the geese were still shy sat. morning. Did get a single youngin to set and I blasted him. One shot, one goose for me this past year.
  4. Float'em all. Let the side dishes sort them out. But dont go over the limit. Better sort those. My fault.:evilsmile

    I am just 5 miles from the Michigan line so my season ended over a month ago. Ahhh I can still see them gliding in. This was my first season with my new portable set up. What a season to remember. Tracker Grizzly with a prodrive outboard and mudbuddy blind. Deadly combination.
  5. good deal

    Sounds like you are ready to go for next year. Give me a holler if you ever come down south zone way.

  6. Got A Few!!!

    Wasn't as good as we hoped for but we ended up knocking down a few. There weren't many birds around the area where we were hunting and they were not using any fields, so we set up on a watershed and ended up getting three. Just happy that I got to go out one more time for this year. Can't wait for next year!!!!
    Here are some pictures.....

    This was part of our spread out on the water...

    Here's the boys waiting for some birds.....

    Here's Patrick picking up two honkers.......

    Had a great time and can't wait for next year!!!!!
    Now its just a couple months till turkey season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. We (4 of us) hit it great at a resting hole near the White River at around 4:00 and limited out in 20min. on Saturday evening. Stayed for awhile and just watched all kinds of birds flying in whether they were Canadians or Mallards or Woodies and just kept thinking of next year.

    Until then cluck, cluck, Gobble...Boom
  8. Always nice to end with a bang!!!!! I had a limit on the opener and a limit on the closer (mallards that is) here in the north... FEET DOWN I say.... FEET DOWN!!!!!!!!!!! I love those birds. Funny thing is I am a bird lover.. Some birds you love and some birds you love to kill..

  9. Man you guys are ugly. Nice shootin Tex... :bowdown: