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Late Photo for a First Morning Gun Hunt

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Bronzeback, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Friend got this the first day of 06 Gun Season. Actually it was the same gun Angler 103 got his buck with after the first two shells didn't go off. He had three shells not go off when making sure it was sighted in. He was pretty nervous about it.. Luckey it went off on the only opening he had for this beauty.. He's getting a Full Sneak slightly open mouth.


  2. Hey Bronzeback, I know Greg in the picture. I went rabbit hunting with him and Tom Cleveland. Are you related to him? Nice buck he shot there.

  3. Not Related but might as well be.. He is my neighbor behind me. Are you the one that went Pheasent hunting with?
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  4. Yes, I am. Were you the guy that was tracking a buck?
  5. Bronzeback, what happened to my famous art work on the marker board?
  6. nice lookin split brow tines on that badboy!
  7. look at that monster...great deer, congrats!
  8. That is going to look really nice when it is finshed........nice mount selection!
  9. Nice, is he bringing it to Fort Wayne on the 27th?
  10. Can we PLEASE stop talking about those shells not going off! Just joking, looks good on the mount. Brow tine on the deers left side is pretty sweet. I think I have seen that deer before on the north side of town??? Great deer, Greg.
  11. Awesome buck Congrats
  12. Whoa, whoa...what gives? Why is his on the form already? Did he jump me in line? :rant: Nice buck, Stumpy.
  13. I do have to say Stumpy has his hands full to pass that one in the future. Great buck with character. Just if we could get him to start archery hunting instead of gun. Brand new bow that has never entered the woods. Haha
  14. I don't know,'ve seen where he hunts. :nono: