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Latest addition to my family

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by cjones46, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Well after much searching, firing about 7 or 8 different bows, bickering with my wife and discussing it with my people. I give you my new bow. Its a Mission X3. Mission is Mathews entry level type bow but compared to other bows from Parker, PSE and even a Wheeler in this price range there is nothing entry level about this bow. All-cast riser, walnut grip, zebra hybrid string, carbon cable guard, cable-x silencers, string cushion, beautiful cam all in a package that should look very familiar to Mathews shooters. All for less than 400 dollars brand new. IBO 310 FPS. Draw cycle is slicker than melted butter on a frozen lake from start to finish, smooth shooter, nice and quiet. Everything you'd expect from Mathews minus the 700 price tag.




    now if I could just find some new arrows to put through it :evilsmile:evilsmile:evilsmile
  2. I'll give ya $400 for it! haha

    Nice bow man, glad for ya

  3. i got a bran new uncut dozen gold tip xt hunter 55/75 S still in box i could sell !

    :bowdown: nice looking bow :bowdown: how is the hand shock on it ?
  4. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    You are so in trouble now, you have caught the bug. I just looked at these bows online and the specs are very appealing, then you look at the price...WOW....what a good price for a quality bow!..Nice job jonesy!
  5. NICE! cjones! Congrats on your new BABY! (Oh yeah and the one coming shortly too!)

  6. got my lifetime warranty information from mathews tonight...
    cant wait to get this bad girl dialed in tomorrow afternoon!!!

    is it oct. 1 yet?
  7. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    They have a lifetime warranty that is second to none....I went to the Matthews site and did some research on these bows, most of the big bow manufactures have went to a cheaper price bow that they have put on the shelves at the big box stores, Mathews had to compete with these guys, Here is where mathews stands out, they made a bow that is much more affordable, but said they are NOT puting them on the shelves of these stores, they are a Dealer only bow, you have to get them from a mathews Dealer. They have always looked out for the traditional type of bow shops where you can get good service and one on one attention..once again good choice!
  8. I'm Jellious........LOL. Thats one hell of a nice bow for the money!
    Mabe in 2 years after i get my first bow kill. I'm useing an old "Bear" Whitetail 2 EL..........
    Goodluck and have fun w/ your new bow!
  9. I'm telling you guys, if you are ever at a shop that sells these put a couple arrows through it. You absolutely WILL NOT find a smoother bow for the money. It has an awesome feel and no measurable hand shock. If any of you are ever up this way and want to shoot let me know, always happy to show off my toys haha.
  10. Congrats on your new addition, Jones.
  11. What kind of sight did you end up with on that badboy...
  12. Nice new bow Jones.:coolgleam
  13. Welcome to the Matthews family...congrats!!
  14. Nice bow Jones,congrats. I've shot 5575 Gold Tips with 100 grain Spitfires for the last six years. You might get with Psychobubba on them. For me, they're the best I've found.
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