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Latest New on Canned Hunting

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by goggleye57, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Hunting preserve limits backed

    Niki Kelly, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

    INDIANAPOLIS – House members voted Tuesday night to restrict legislation that would have allowed for countless new animal hunting preserves across the state. A legislative panel earlier passed House Bill 1349, legalizing facilities in which hunters pay to kill pen-raised deer and elk behind high fences. Members were concerned at the time that the Department of Natural Resources intended to put all the preserves – about 15 – out of business after this legislative session, not allowing them to recoup their investment. But negotiations have continued on the bill, including DNR Director Kyle Hupfer heavily lobbying lawmakers in the Statehouse halls.

  2. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Sounds like good news...but how are the canned hunting places to "recoup their investments" when the money is generated by the canned hunting?

  3. Bull. These 12-15 operators are out to make money pure and simple. They will be back if this passes and ask for another extention. Shut 'em down now. This isn't hunting.

  4. canned hunts

    who cares if the do recoup their investments?

  5. I many new politicians will be in office by the time this is all supposed to end? we'll go through it all again, wasting time and taxpayers money...when will it end? they'll grease the palms of the politicians along the way and continue their "business". As oldrookie says, who cares if they recoup their costs, it's the gamble they took when they went into "business" just as any other business has to deal with the decisions they make, be it right or wrong.
  6. canned hunts

    next hing you'll hear is the State of Indiana will subsidize these guys to close down! Bunch of morons.

  7. that bill to grandfather for 7 years has not passed the state senate- email your state senator and ask them to vote no- tell them nothing short of an outright ban

    if that doesn't work then-
    We need to keep a watch and keep up the pressure in the coming years!
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  8. DITTO , Jack.

    I can't believe some folks think this is a win..

    It is just a stall..

    Kill it NOW....
  9. thats bull s@#* they all need to lose there land and become public land ,for dnr to recoupe the money for the state and hunters that live and pay taxes to hunt and fish here 20,000 a deer they make more than our teacher's a year on two deer? no kid left behind my a$$:banghead3 :banghead3 give the money to the schools that our future.:bonk: :bonk: if it was drugs or poaching they can sieze you're car guns ,house ,clothes on your back ..??????:help: :help: i am done for now sorry for the rant but not over.i guess if you have money you dont have to follow the laws .
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