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latest on the national forest sales

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by goggleye57, Mar 2, 2006.


    Rules changed for forest land sales

    James Bruggers, Louisville Courier-Journal

    LOUISVILLE - The federal government plans to give state or local agencies, or private land-trust organizations, the first chance to buy any surplus U.S. Forest Service land. That's a change from when a national land-sale proposal was announced last month. At the time, the Forest Service said it could sell 309,000 acres, including 4,500 in Kentucky and 800 in Indiana, to the highest bidder. "There are some of the sites in question that do not any longer meet national forest needs, but that is not the same as not meeting public needs, generally," said Mark Rey, the undersecretary of U.S. Department of Agriculture who oversees the Forest Service.
  2. whats next

    Maybe Im wrong but its called national forest for a reason.Mainly because the people as hole thought that we needed to preserve some land.They put it off like well were done with it so we will just sell it of to the highest bidder.If im right i find the kind disturbing what kind of national forest will my kids or great grandkids get to see.This is almost as bad as saying Ind. sure is in debt but will sell the roads to take care of it along with other things.But we sure did just kick out a 300 something million dollar lottery jackpot thats not crooked nobody got a kickback or anything.

  3. well i think it would be stupid to think when they sell these parcels that it will be the only time they'll do it. they know it's money for their own personell agenda. down the road there will be more land sold. washington is full of people who do not have our heritage or no longer care about our rights. do any of you hear anyone in washington screaming about iminent domain!!! i think not. every day now someone is having their land or their house stolen and condemed for personnel gain. i'm telling you all this won't be the last time your gov. land is sold. to think any different is just burying your head in the sand. they'll wittle at it everytime they want money. if this sounds like a personal agenda it's not it's just bare facts. do any of you think that the congress or the senate cares about how many pot holes you have to drive over or that your or are our kids and grandkids are being tought by teachers with cecular views and personal political agends's? washington lost touch with the people the serve? i think so.
  4. I think down in West Virgina the State Forest is being lease out to hunting clubs. My cousin belongs to one of those clubs.