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Leasing Billboard

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Well guys it has come to Indiana. As I was leaving town today just outside of Terre Haute heading East on I-70 I looked up at the billboard and there it was.....BASE CAMP LEASING, BRINGING HUNTER'S AND LANDOWNER'S TOGETHER SINCE blah! blah! blah! At the bottom of the billboard it had all the states listed and YIP! Indiana is on the list. I knew they were operating here but this is the first time I have ever seen an ad like this anywhere.
  2. Yup that guy is a douche. He is a liar and a fraud and i hope the DNR can find a way to put people like him out of business forever. He is making a profit off a god given right. It is one thing for a landowner to lease to a hunter but to lease to a brokerage firm who in turn subleases is unacceptable. Ive been saying this all along from day one about Steve Mingh (owner of basecamp) He needs to be put out of business and in a hurry.

    Would you sit by and allow someone to charge you for the right to practive your freedom of speech or press? Nope so why let this guy do the samething to your freedom to hunt and fish abiding by game laws set forth by your state and the US judicial system? We as sportman need to stand together on this one or before you know it we will all be out a ton of money and missing one of our fundamental rights as US citizens. Like mentioned earlier for a farmer to lease his land.. fine by me they need the money these days, but for one company to lease by the boat loads then turn around and sublease at a profit.. UNACCEPTABLE.

    Randy im surprised you didnt throw up when you saw that sign.
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  3. Base camp is a lot cheaper than out-right buying the land. And buying the land is way out of reach for me. If you are looking for a lease, I'd say base camp is the way to go. Myself, I am just waiting on finding the right property with them. I did see 1 that was in Starke county. 130 acres with a 40 acre swamp on it. Close to North Judson. Any of you :coco: deer hunters want to split it with me??:evil: :evil: :evil:
  4. Get used to it............we may not like it..........and not all landowners will bite.

    I just got back from a trip in Alabama..........the entire state is a dang thicket......and if you don't have a don't hunt.......Period.

    We can get all worked up over this as much as we want.........but here is a tip you need to remember from someone that knows how this stuff better Buy Land, Lease Land, or begin doing things with your landowners that have a PERCEIVED VALUE.......if you don't'll not only be upset about "Billboards" and Lease Groups.......You'll be pissssssssed off you don't have a place to hunt.

    Grumble all you's here ...........and we ain't seen nothin' yet. It's gonna come down to bad do you want to hunt, and survival of the fittest.

    I know I am ready.................and I want you guys to be ready too. Several of those I associated with saw this coming in the early 90's.........and we acted on what we saw as a picture of our future hunting in the next 10-15 years..............

    ................and if all you want to do is grumble, you don't want me to tell you what I think the next 10-15 years will be like.

    This can be a positive experience for those that are willing and ready................not saying you have to "like it".............but you better have a more solid plan than "DANG IT I"M TICKED ABOUT THIS LEASING STUFF".

    My .02 cents
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  5. If he actually is a liar and a fraud, putting him out of business should be no real problem.
    What exactly is he lying about and misrepresenting anyway?
    Hunting on someone elses land for free is NOT a God given right.
    It is a rare privilage.
    Looking down the road at the prospect of having to actually pay a fee to hunt good land may be less than enviable, but it is hardly an infringement on any God given right.
    C'mon now.
    And of course, you will still have the option of public lands.
    Why all the hysteria?
    Am I missing something here?
  6. Hunting Has Become A Big Business Opportunity For Some. Damn Shame:mad: I'M NOT GOING TO GIVE MY 2 CENTS, YOU'VE SEEN IT ON A PREVIOUS THREAD.
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  7. Yes smiles you are...

    from my standpoint, and I think most here would agree, leasing turns a hobby into a business. No longer can we enjoy hunting for what it should be, we have to secure leases, buy property, or go without. Its one thing if the land you used to hunt is owned by someone who just got a new son-in-law and you are no longer allowed to hunt it. It is entirely another, TO ME, for a business, to pay to lease the land, and then charge someone else to hunt on it.

    Gettin' the picture yet?
  8. I would like to see Indiana do as I'v seen in a few other states. For instance I'v hunted out west in wyoming and they have a program that land oweners can enroll there land into called Private Lands Public Wildlife. They have walk-in areas that anyone can walk on and hunt. To enroll there land they have to allow full public access to the land for hunting. And for doing it they recieve so much $ per acre. Michigan also has the same type program but some of the lands in the program limit the numbers of hunters allowed on the land. Also the hunters have to check-in at some of them. It would be nice to see the state do something like that.....

  9. How long have you been hunting Smiles? It used to not be such a "rare" privilage to have a farmer let you hunt, as long as you respect him and his land. (which is one of the problems these days!!!) And I never thaught of it as free, charging someone to hunt was never herd of. A hand shake and offer to help the farmer was showing thanks enough. I hate to think of how many times a hunter will take a good buck and brag about it simply because he has money and is willing to pay more than others can afford. I personally know a man (and I refuse to call him a hunter) that buys the best of everything (including a lease) and has no bounderies or ethics when it comes to deer. He wounded every deer he shot at this year, but brags about the size of the deer he's raising, and doesn't take the time to learn how to shoot his top-of-the-line Encore Pro Hunter or $1000.00 1187. Bottom Line: You can't buy experience...... or respect!
    And by the way, it is a GOD given right to hunt and carry on out traditions, which is what Tree meant
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  10. That is the same exact picture I just commented on.
    Just because you have had the FORTUNE to hunt on other peoples land for free all your life, does not mean it is your RIGHT to do so.
    What ANYONE does with their OWN property is none of our business.
    If you don't own or lease the land you hunt on, you have no say in what or how it is managed.
    What about that picture am I not understanding?

    I ALSO WISH I had lots more good places to hunt.
    I wish it was still like when I was younger, and I could hunt almost anywhere I took the trouble to ask.
    That wishful thinking does not give me a right to demand it.
    We now have over 300 million people, and the writing is on the wall.
    Just to let you know, I don't like it either.
    It isn't the first thing that has transpired in the US I don't approve of, but realize I can't change.
  11. That has what to do with this?
    Idiots abound everywhere, and we all know it.

    No, it is not a God given right.
    Not even close.
    It is a privilage you have gotten used to.
    So have I.
    I still realize it is a privilage, and am thankful to still know people who ALLOW me to hunt their land.
  12. Resigning yourself to do nothing about it does nothing. If you want to give up, thats fine. But I am not going to sit here and pretend that nothing can be done about it becoming a business, I might not be able to change everything, but I'm not gonna give up. If you want to that is fine, don't tell me my efforts are futile.
  13. I am not 'giving up' on anything.
    I am admitting when something is none of my business.
    Like what you do with your own land. . . .
    Hey, it was nice hunting it for free all these years, but times change.
    Always have, and always will.
    The majority of the Indians once felt they had the right to hunt anything, anytime anywhere, and that no one actually owned the land.
    Then the white man proved otherwise.
    Which was indeed a shame, but back to the issue.

    So you are going to 'fight' this eh?
    What exactly is your game plan?
    Or, where exactly do you intend to even start this 'battle'?
    Bottom line:
    How to you propose to convince land owners YOUR desires come before theirs?
  14. It doesn't involve justifying myself to you.
  15. my .02

    I hope I never have to lease but the last time I was on the base camp site it didn't look like they were raping people. Seemed like a somewhat fair price. I would much rather spend my oney buying the landowner a nice gift and taking it to them.