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Least Favorite Lure

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Slowretrieve, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. For reasons I am not at all sure of, nearly every tacklebox I know of has a red and white casting spoon in it, mine included. I know of no one who ever caught anything with this particular lure. Recently, I had good luck with a silver spoon, which surprised me, since I had not caught anything with a spoon up until then, but I can't remember ever getting anything with red and white. Anyone ever have any luck with one of these?
  2. Salmon-salmon-salmon And More Salmon

  3. Head up north and there have been many a northern pike caught on that "DAREDEVIL" red and white spoon.
  4. Your right about the daredevil. Caught lots of pike up North on one. Then again in some of those lakes I think you could put treble hooks on my tennis shoe and catch some of those canadian pike. By the way for the rest of you guys - bipolaroutdoorsman is has the dubious honor of being my nephew:) I got a free place up in Canada for us to go catch those dumbos next Summer.
  5. I went canoe camping in Ontario's Quetico Park (we're going back next summer!), and the pike showed a preference for red and white over plain silver.
  6. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I second the Pike reaction to a red and white spoon....don't even throw one in Indiana.

    Although, I have thrown a Johnson's Silver Minnow on occasion.
  7. Thanks, guys, I appreciate the freedback. Those things are everywhere, so I knew they had to be good for something; I just never got so much as a bite in Indiana. I used to fish salmon and steelhead on the Klamath and Smith Rivers in Northern California and never saw anyone using a red and white, but we always caught fish with a Spin 'n Glo. And I agree, Mr. C., a Johnson silver spoon is dynamite on a lot of different fish.
  8. The only thing I ever caught with one of those was my thumb,:coco: fumbling around in my tackle box......yeah im not sure why but I think every tackle box has one...... lol:coco:
  9. Since every tackle box has one (Mine does as well) they must be good at catching fishermen....Mine is actually hanging on my wall now in a fishing lure collection.
  10. I actually do not have one in my box. I won't be excommunicated or anything will I? I did however have the good fortune to fish the Winnipeg River last Summer and enjoy some not very particular Northen Pike. We actually caught something on almost everything we threw. The Walleye action was great, smallies, Northern. Everything. It was one of the best trips I have ever taken. I cannot wait to go back.

  11. The red and white works great on the northern pike and the occassional lake Indiana I can't imagine what you would use it for...but yes, I have one in my tacklebox too. :bonk:
  12. I too possess a couple of dardevle spoons of the red and white variety. Both of them actually have teeth marks on them from quite a few northerns. However they were all caught in another state. (Michigan and Minnesota.)
  13. IMO, Red / white dardevels, the go to lure for pike
  14. My grandfather and I used to troll Daredevils just across the line in MI and slammed the pike. I stick to crankbaits now, though.
  15. This month anyway I would have to say my ICE FISHING LURES! :banghead3 For me, this warm weather really vacuums!:yikes: