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Leaving stand with deer in the area?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by krheude, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. Whats the best way to get out of the stand with deer in the area? I had 5 does within 30 yards of my stand for about an hour after dark tonight. I waited it out until they moved off quite a ways but was still leary of them getting some type of sense that I was in the tree that they were near. Do you all just let them leave on their own or do someting to get them out of the area?
  2. I usually wait a half-an-hour after legal shooting light. If there are no big bucks in the area, I'll just get down. I'm under the impression, if the wind is right, and they don't scent you, they won't be too alarmed by you leaving the woods...maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not staying out there all night.

  3. I am not sure how true this is or if I was miss informed, but I have heard that either barking like a dog or howling like a coyote will clear the area without the deer being area spooked. Hope that makes sense.
  4. Leaving with deer in the area..

    I have had this situation MANY times. I normally try to wait them out then I leave the area as quietly as I can. I have had a few situations where I climbed down as quietly as I could and walked out in the opposite direction and made a circle.

    I have even made soft doe bleating sounds with my call and the deer relaxed and kept moving through. I don't normally concern myself too much with leaving any scent because I use the total Elimitrax system and that really helps.

    For safety purposes, I like to use a flashlight as I enter and exit the creekbottom and as long as I leave the beam pointed downward, it does NOT seem to bother the deer but DON'T shine the light beam at them..

    Bud Fields
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  5. i had that problem the other night. had the wind in my favor. heard a few grunts earlier back in the thick. it was just about dark and i decided to get down. i heard one take off and i know it was because of the noise. sometimes it just can't be helped. i don't think it's near as bad as getting made in the daylight.
  6. Well here is my 2 cents. It has happen to me a few times this year and I have waited till they have left, and one time I didn't get down for about a hour or so and it was pouring rain. I think the does are smarter than the bucks at this stage and they do remember you were there if you are hunting from that stand day after day.
  7. There's my latest experience with it....