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Left Handed Compound Bow

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by hunter47331, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Anybody got a newer LH bow for sale...??? A buddy of mine is looking for one. He's looking for 70# limbs and a 28" draw.
  2. Maybe you've done it, but go over to Archerytalk. In their classifieds section, they have a forum set up for only left handed equipment. You should find plenty of bows there, if someone on here can't help you out.

  3. The only left handed thing I've ever used, well, this is an outdoors forum. :rolleyes:

    No, not that Quail!!! You sicko........:bonk:

    Good luck in your search 47331!!!!!
  4. Dean, if you have a whisKer biscuit, I believe you'd be able to hang upside down from a limb by your knees and use a right handed bow, shooting left handed.
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  5. Qauil, that would be all good and fine, but I've never heard of a Whisper Biscuit. :dizzy:
  6. I've never heard of a Qauil!!!!!!
  7. I've got three strikes left, I could unload 1 or 2 on you easy!:mad:
  8. You changed it you Jackal!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on the strikes....Grandpa!!!!
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  10. I didn't want to look foolish (not that it would have been the first time)