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Legal Kill??????

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by HickoryNut, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. If you happen to see a bear, wolf, cougar, boar...whatever, is it legal to shoot them in the wild or could you be fined? I have heard that if its not listed as game in the Indiana Hunting Guide that its concidered to be like a varmint and its legal to take them in any season. Anyone know for sure?
  2. Hey HickoryNut...If you see a bear in Indiana you better not shoot would get firearms allowed in the Indianapolis Zoo!!! :bonk:


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    That's a good one
  4. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :woohoo1: zoo :banghead3
  5. no legal seasons on those animals, so taking those animals is perfectly legal! Shoot away!:evil:
  6. I Think I remeber seeing a Bear mount at JPG I think the bear was shot in Indiana may be at JPG. It's been along time but think the guy was from Madison. Last name Watterson. Could be Wrong
  7. Can't bearly take your humor!!!

    Bear's did exist in Indiana in the 1800's. I've read accounts of bear hunting here in Northern Indiana just before the Civil War. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if a black bear showed up somewhere in our state.
    Hunting black bears in the Indy Zoo would be similar to "hunting" at Bellar's Place. And unlike the celebrity "hunters", who paid thousands, you'd only get nailed for the $15 entry fee. Even that enclosure would make his operation seem like a vast wilderness. Jimmy Houston would have some real opportunity in there, heck...he probably wouldn't even have to drug the bear, or put out the bait like he did on his Bellar's Hunt. ;) Tree, maybe you should go into comedy yourself.:corkysm55
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  8. I have heard several urban myths about tame cougars and panthers let go by their owners after they could no longer take care of them. One story even told of a elder farmer chasing one out of his barn, seen also by his wife. One told of two bow hunters hunting about 125 yards apart, the one saw a big cat climb out of the tree next to the one his buddy climbed into in the early morning.

    I heard of claims of black bears as far down as the Indiana , Michigan and Ohio borders. I am sure that it could be true.
  9. But my question was: Can you shoot these animals if you see them? Since Indiana doesnt recognize them as game animals, would there be a fine?
  10. I don't have a current reg book in front of me but I don't believe bobcats are considered game animals in Indiana but I do believe it is illegal to kill one because I believe they are considered an endangered species. I know this does not answer your question but just food for thought.

  11. We have wild boars in southern tip of the state, and hunt them when activity is located. Legal.
  12. Non Reg hunting

    I would say its not legal to shoot any animal not listed in the regs.
    In Ohio or Kentucky, if you shoot a bear and get caught, its against the law.
    Big fines. Heard of a guy in Kentucky who shot a bear and found himself in all kinds of trouble.
  13. Tanker...Are those actual Wild Boar or Feral Hogs? I've never heard of Wild Boar or Wild Boar hunting in Indiana, at least not in the wild.

  14. They were released illegally, and got out of control.
    We now have both russian wild boars and feral hogs, but they are not in large numbers anymore. A few are still killed each year.
  15. ANyone seen the new Hogs Gone Wild DVD??? I heard it was uncensored with alot of teet shots.