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Legal Shooting Hours

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Main Beam, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. With this years time change it is going to be a bit of an adjustment for myself and I am sure many of you. It looks like we can leagally shoot, opening day 10/1, at 7:10 am, this doesn't affect things too much. What is going to affect things is being able to shoot until 7:54 pm!! Guys you better explain to the wives now that it is going to be some late hunting in the evenings
  2. All the better! Don't have to roll out of bed so early on the weekends (I'm not an early riser). Get to actually hunt the evenings after work.

    Love it!:biggrin:

  3. Good point DEC. Even if you get out of work at 5pm you should be able to get to hunt the evenings.:bouncy:
  4. There will be some late evenings at the begining of the season, but the hour change is on October 29, and we roll the clocks back, so the sun will set 1 hour earlier, of course, it'll come up one hour earlier too :)
  5. This whole time change never made sence to me:banghead3 When i lived in NC that daylight savings drove me nuts:bonk: I guess people can play golf later, heck I don't know:confused:
  6. i sure do like it so i can hunt longer after work in the evenings

    and on the day off i don't have to get up any earlier to hunt the mornings
  7. Time change

    At this time of the year the time change is not bothering me as much as it did in May, June and July when it got dark so darned late that I was exhausted all of the time because i stayed up to late. I do like the idea of being able to hunt after work, as a matter-of-fact I am going tonight. Sunset at 7:44. I will have 3 hours in the woods...Yee Haw.
  8. I think the time change SUCKS, DITCH MITCH that is just how I feel. Sorry. I am a early person and love to get up early and see the sun come up and the sun go down a hour early. But who cares if the kids go to school in the dark as long as business persons can have a extra hour in the evening. This world is screw up over the almighty dollars. I think shooting time is 1/2 hour after sun rise to a 1/2 before sun set.
  9. From:

    So if the sun rises at 7:54am you can shoot at 7:24am, if the sun sets at 7:45pm you can shoot till 8:15pm
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  10. The only thing that makes me mad is that I guarantee I get in trouble when I am late for work on the 30th. I will be hunting that morning playing the dumass role.......well the time changed, didn't it?
  11. Legal shooting time is 1/2 hour BEFORE sunrise and 1/2 AFTER sunset. Poor Mitch cut him a break Bill....after all we endured 8 years of Bill Clinton and him and his wife are still hangin' around like we all care what they have to say.
  12. Thought that idiot was rolling in cash since he sold the toll road.
  13. :cwm27:
  14. Yes your right 1/2 before and 1/2 after. Think about it IT"S dark and you will not be able to see any way. Well boys get ready in 2008 when Bill's wife is in the white house, Mitch will have to go. And when Bill's was in the white house every one was working and making a good living. I will post no more about this type them. This is a hunting and fishing site I thought.:bash: :coco:
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  15. You must not be looking at the same numbers I've looked at. Unemployment is MUCH lower now. Also the QOA Index (Quality Of Life) was much lower under Clintoon then it is now. But, like you said this is a hunting and fishing site so I'll leave this alone.