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Legislative bills and the FWCC

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jackc99, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. I lifted this from the IDHA website. Joe Bacon and I serve together on the FWCC (Fish & Wildlife Conservation Committee) and we try to work with the other conservation groups to advise IDNR:

    The following are bills presently making their way thru the Legislature and the position voted and taken by the Fish&wildlife Conservation Committee on 1/20/07......

    HB 1146, Taking of wild animals w/spotlight and silencer (DNR personel for airports and such) SUPPORT
    -HB 1299, Senior fishing license, SUPPORT with NO Lifetime license
    - HB1272, spotlighting wild animals SUPPORT
    - HB 1066, Hunting and fishing licenses free for disabled NO SUPPORT
    - HB 1294, Hoosier Stop Hunger Fund, NO SUPPORT
    - HB 1285, License agent services fees NO SUPPORT
    - HB 1079, lifetime hunting and fishing for military personel NO SUPPORT
    - HB 1226, Payment to CO of violations, NO SUPPORT
    - HB 1057, Lifetime licenses again, NO SUPPORT
    - HB 1170, littering, $1,000 fine mandatory, SUPPORT
    - HB 1322, Mineral Extraction of fish and wildlife properties, SUPPORT
    - SB 0357, Sale of nursery stock and wildlife seeds, NO OPINION
    - SB 0231, DNR employees, employment at will SUPPORT
    - HB 1087, study of eradication of bush honeysuckle SUPPORT
    - HB 1101, Flood Control, NO OPINION
    - SB 0482, Possession of exotic animals (cats and bears) SUPPORT
    - HB 1254, Conservation officers fund (CO pension issue) SUPPORT
    - HB 1251, Plan review by NRC SUPPORT
    - HB 1309, Reservoir funding (Bischoff request for $30 million to build a reservoir in Decatur County to provide water to Greensbury and Honda) NO POSITION

    The SUPPORT, NO SUPPORT OR NO OPINION was a group decision.

    Today I met with Rep. Bischoff today with the Executive Director of the IWF, John Goss. We presented these positions to him as Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee and received consensus on most of these issues.

    The ones we did not agree on were:

    Senior Fishing License (HB1299)
    Payments to CO of violations (HB1226)
    Constitutional Amendment for the Right to Hunt and Fish (HJR0007)

    HB1226 already shot through the House and is in the Senate. Call your state senator and try and stop this bill if you will. We will try and convince the legislature to pass the senior fishing license and the constituional amendment. Join the fight and get on the phones and email and let's let them know what we want.

  2. senior fishing license? we now have free fishing for anyone over 65
    are you asking that they now buy a license?
    if so wrong nobody should support this

  3. - HB 1057, Lifetime licenses again, NO SUPPORT
    - HB 1294, Hoosier Stop Hunger Fund, NO SUPPORT
    - HB 1079, lifetime hunting and fishing for military personel NO SUPPORT

    Are you saying we the hunters don't support these? I would think all hunters would support these....

    But yet support some of these...

    - HB 1170, littering, $1,000 fine mandatory, SUPPORT
    - SB 0482, Possession of exotic animals (cats and bears) SUPPORT
    -HB 1299, Senior fishing license, SUPPORT with NO Lifetime license
    - HB 1322, Mineral Extraction of fish and wildlife properties, SUPPORT

    Maybe I don't understand, but this seems crazy to me understand, please!!
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  4. Senior fishing license - currently is free for those over 65. However, significant federal dollars are lost each year (~$700,000) for this "free" license. The proposal allows DNR to charge a minimal fee ($3.00-$3.75) for a senior license. This allows the state to recover that federal money that currently goes to other states.

    Lifetime Licenses - the 20 member FWCC (Fish & Wildlife Conservation Committee) does not spport reinstating the lifetime license. This is a money loser for the DNR although many will only think what a great deal it is for them. Hasn't been heard by the committee yet.

    Lifetime Licenses for military - why? I'm a vet. I served my country as it was my duty to do so. I expect nothing in advance of a regular citizen and neither do most vets. Again free licenses lose money for the DNR. (Sidenote: I already qualify for a free license yet choose to buy one every year to show my support for IDNR and their programs. Want our state to have great hunting and fishing? Be prepared to support it).

    The groups making up the FWCC include the larger more well-known groups like B.A.S.S., Ducks Unlimited, Quail Unlimited, Indiana Deer Hunters, Pheasants Forever; Indiana Wildlife Federation; the Indiana Bowhunters Association; the Indiana Sportsmens Roundtable; National Wild Turkey Federation; Indiana State Trappers Association; and others. We work closely throughout the year with IDNR to advise and suggest rules and laws for the betterment of conservation in Indiana.

    There are significant issues dealing with the legislature and if you are really interested I would suggest reading each bill in it's entirety before forming an opinion.

  5. Thanks for the great service of keeping us up on the legislative activities that affect our interests as outdoors people! Keep up the good work!:)
  6. I don't support charging for a senior fishing license. If I buy a fishing license, a hunting license, a bow license, a shotgun license, and a doe tag everyyear from the time I am 16 to 65, I will have spent 5300 dollars just for the right to be in the woods or on the water legally. Assuming my heart doesn't explode before I'm 65, it's nice to know that I don't have to worry about getting a fishing license.
  7. tmarsh83 - clearly I support your right to disagree on this issue. I'm looking down the road and I try not to make decisions based on what's in it for me but rather what's best for the conservation of our natural resources. It's perfectly fine to disagree. If we all thought the same it would be a dull world indeed.

  8. seabee

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    I am honestly dissapointed in the FWCC for thier decission on bringing back the lifetime license. I am curious, as to how many of the 20 member panel has already purchased one. I think every hunter(new or old) should have the chance to purchase one, Dont feel this is a personal attack jack! im not at all that way, But after hearing the stance on the aboved mentioned groups, I will never be a member of a single one you listed, sorry man,

  9. I understand your point Jack. To me, however, there are things that can be done without reaching in anymore people's pockets. Money is not always the answer.

  10. Thanks for the inform. Jack, I will have to give some thought to some of these. I am 58 year old and all I have to look for when I retire is free hunting and fishing licenses. All of my retirement has been taken away, plus my job has been taken away and the gov say there may not be any money with I retire. Now no senior licenses WOW, Well there is one thing the gov can't stop and that is me dieding I THINK. But Thanks again Jack
  11. So it's all about making money!!!!

    That is what I see. Forget heritage, tradition, culture, etc.... I could go on forever. It just saddens me to see some of these problems I believe we have. I will do my part talking with my Legislative/Congressmen I just hope you all do the same in keeping what we have. Yes I know it takes money but we have been doing pretty good over the years.
  12. Jack, I buy license and tags I don't actually use each year, feel it's my way of giving something to the sports I love. I'd be all for adding a buck to any of my fees if it ment keeping the seniors from having to buy one. Just my thoughts, know it doesn't mean much here. I don't think there's a soul on this board that wouldn't cough up an extra buck. How much Fed $ are you talking about that is lost? Just curious.
  13. Not to belabor the point but there are no free hunting licenses for seniors at this point. Never has been.

    The federal dollars that would be returned to Indiana are approximately $700,000 a year.

    And the cost of the senior license is between $3.00-$3.75. A decent fishing lure costs more than the license. Maybe it's just me but I have never been able to understand why things like this stir folks up. It's only $3.00!!!!!!!

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  14. Quail...what license are you Buying your not USING...:coco: I think seniors Lic. should be Free for all sports....not just FISHING!!!!

  15. Just glad I didn't list them all.