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Lessons Learned / New Products Used?

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by Piggyn, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Over the course of this season were there any new products that you used and liked (or hated), and did you learn any new helpful tips/tricks? Here's my list:

    1) This was my first season using a flasher. The adjustable zoom on my Marcum LX-3 is great for when the fish are suspended. I don't think that I'd ever go ice fishing without a flasher again.

    2) My ice jig box came open in my coat pocket... what a mess that was! I bought a fly box that is lined with high density foam. It has a better clasp than my jig box, and could never accidentally pop open. Even if it did, the jigs are all stuck in the foam, so it wouldn't make a mess.

    3) The little plastic cup my spikes came in opened up in my pocket... what a mess that was! [​IMG] I bought a couple StrikeMaster Bait Pucks... no more worries.

    4) The high E-string from a guitar, a plastic bead, and a little orange paint can be made into a nice spring bobber. The bigger loop is easy to thread, and hardly ever freezes up, unlike the coiled springs. I can post a picture of it if anyone wants to see. I am going to try to figure out a better way to mount it next season, and will also use some Nitinol wire, which will basically never kink.

    5) Waterproof, windproof mittens kept my hands warmer than ever.

    6) If you're not catching fish try a different color or move somewhere else. Eventually you will find what they what or find some more active fish. Also, don't be afraid to fish away from the crowd.

    7) There are a lot of board members who are very knowledgeable and willing to help when you have questions!
  2. Well,for me i used the buck growl this year and will never go to the woods with out it,the grunt on this call is the best i have ever heard ,the growl well wasn't to sure about it but once i did it,i'm a believer;)

  3. Used some K&E Stopper Lava lures this year for the first time I bought at Gander Mountain. Worked great -they glow - I used the pink ones - they had enough weight to take the lure down in deeper water.
  4. Were they this type of body style?


    That's similar to the Marmooska's that I use, but only the white tip on the Marmooska glows. I'll have to give them a try.
  5. Ditto on the buck growl.
  6. No they were shaped like a regular jig - but those ought to work too!
  7. In my case I have always fished with an ultra-light rod. This year I decided to go with the coil spring bobbers. And put them on all my rods. I hated it. It seemed like I was missing a lot of fish because I couldnt get a good hook set. In my opinion the spring bobber coupled with ultra-light rod gave me a delayed reaction when I went to set the hook. So I got some stiffer rods and put the spring bobbers on them. Success rate definitely was better.
  8. bought some binos from basspro redhead 12+42 i know they aren't leopould or nikon but they are great i compared them and couldn't tell the difference very inexpensive in price rugged made
    i learned that i should check my bow more regularly during the season
    shot a doe at 15 yards watched her drop 45 yards later when i got to her my arrow had entered the hip i got luckey and hit the artery in the hip when i got home and shot at the target i was way off my rest had moved some the pro at the shop said i was luckey to have hit anything
    leason learned ...LOCTITE...
  9. I would think that the stiffer rod would definitely enhance the sensitivity of the spring bobber. I had already planned on giving that a try next year.
    1. :bowdown: (extreme ice armor ) worth every penny ( I once said was over priced rain gear ) light weight ,warm and water proof ,has a zip in jacket so you don't have to ware as much under it .
    2. :bowdown: (vexilar fl 20) , worth every penny too 6' and 12' bottom zoom makes it easy to pick the fish off the drops offs ,and low power mode lets you see in the weeds and shallows . wont go on the ice with out it !
    3. :bowdown: (Stabilicers ) , GET SOME they save you broken bones !
    4. :coco: (clam chair -back pack ), not sure on this one sat good has a place for roods and reels i was able to put 7 combos in it ,tip ups if you have the long ones your good, not round they will not fit in it no where, thought it was kind of heavy to carry but in the sled it was fine.
  10. nice signature there bubba....

  11. Buck Growl Use

    Can you share some specifics on your experience with the Buck Growl? When time in the season? What time of day? Did you have sight of the buck? Appreciate any insight that you can share.
  12. I bought mine last summer and was a little sceptical that it would work as well as the Drury's claimed. I'm now a believer in the Growl. I waited until the rut was in before using mine. I used it in combination with rattling and it did bring the bucks in. I shot my buck about 15 minutes after using it for the 2nd. time opening morning of gun season. I had 3 more bucks come through within another 10-15 minutes after I had shot.
  13. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod


    I will never take the firearms season as a gimme again..tag soup sucks!

    Once again..during and right after a thunderstorm are one of the most product times i have seen for big bucks to move.

    turkeys are harder to hunt then i thought!

    And lastly..Ice fishing is one of the funnest things i have ever done,


    the thompson center pro hunter is worth every penny.

    I also used a flasher for the first time and like psychobubba said the bottom zoom mode and the low power mode deff. come in handy

    lastly, leupolds rangefinders work great, im just not sure you need all the bells and whistles, but realy helped my confidence in knowing the exact distances from my tree stand.

    Dang i spent way to much money this