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Let it snow

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Indianahunter, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Well I have Friday off and no matter what the weather brings I will be still hunting 168 acres of hopefully productive deer habitat.
  2. It sure should make the tracking easy if we get all this snow they are forcasting. It's snowing pretty good here right now. I heard something like an inch an hour.

    Good luck out there tomorrow.

  3. I was out last evening and still had snow on the ground from last Sunday. The trails in the woods looked like a herd of elephants had ran through there and in one spot i found 2 different scrapes where the dirt had been kicked up all over the snow. I seen 15 deer total, a group of 5 and then another group of 10, all in the cut corn field. I'll be out tomorrow as well hunting this new snow, i love how the deer stand out in this stuff.
  4. My buddy Kelly Peters from Marion harvested a very nice doe....It was a long drag back to the fire trail but the snow made it easier than normal....Yes, it was cold!!!!:bonk:
  5. !!!! 3rd Year No Deer !!!!

    Im from fort wayne for the past 3 years i have been hunting the huntington area by the roush dam and still i have not seen anything but a doe in firearms season. I sure would like to know where you seen all these deer in hopes possably I could get my first after 3 years. My email is :dizzy: :banghead3 :confused: :help: :hide: :bowdown:
  6. Deer Hunting is like real estate - location-location-location! I think the best deer hunters (certainly not me) must be experts at hunting and with dealing with landowners :)