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Let the games begin

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by QuailDancer, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Seven days to go!!!! IS contest starts March 1st. I'll be respooling reels over the weekend, ready to hit the open water first chance I get. Top the charge on the batteries, get the boat ready!!!

    Soon all the frustration will be released, maybe the bickering over poaching for the hungry, the arms race for deer and OBR/QDM/Food plot will slow down and we can get back to what this site is all about....

    Trash Talkin' our fellow sportsman. (not you Randy, teammate, buddy)
  2. While you're "getting the boat ready," I'll be out on the ice getting a head start on you...(not that I really need it) [​IMG]

  3. There, that's the kind of trash talkin', I'm talkin' 'bout!! Get your practice fishing in while you can, James:biggrin: .

  4. Thats my teammate right there. Boats ready, poles are ready. Let the TALK"N begin.
  5. This is going to get real good. I'm ready, and I got the waders on stand-by for when it get's too deep in here. Bring IT!:evilsmile
  6. I'm going to sit back and let you big fisher men just pad your scores. I predict a late rally by ol' DEC when it is time to kill stuff.:evilsmile
  7. I'm ready for the 1st, ICE FISHING - gills,bass,walleyes,pike,and yes randy muskies. BRING IT ON
  8. I'm ready to sit back at let my teammates carry me...
  9. Here I go, gotta break out the back brace again. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.:chillin:
  10. Back Brace?!? Derek, I think we are going to need a Payloader!
  11. And THERE is the Quote of the Day! [​IMG]
  12. You catch our Fish and I will kill our Birds....:coolgleam
  13. evidently i missed somethin... im lost.... whats this all about?? im always a day late and a dollar short....
  14. Sorry guys but the teams are already in the winning order. The predators are in first place.