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Lets hear your whitetail adventures

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Alright fellow Hoosiers, lets here your story's!!!! Bow, gun, close encounter, missed shots (oops), lets hear about it.

I must confess I had a very slow year and did not put any meat in the freezer. But you know, just being in the woods recharges my battery's. I am blessed to live in a country where I have the opportunity to hunt.

MY 2003 BUCK

On Saturday, Nov. 8 2003, I was hunting a ridge line that had 2 main trails intersecting about 20 yards in front and to the left of my stand. Behind me thick woods drop down to a cut corn field 80 yards below. A nice scrap had been made in a small opening to my left. In front of my stand is a natural transition area where the woods open up and the bucks like to scrap and rub.
I had drug a sent drag with Still Steaman doe in estrous urine to the scrape on my left. I hung the sent wick on a branch over the scrape. The morning was very cold and crisp with no wind. A heavy frost covered everything. It was the kind of morning when you can here them coming from a long way off. 10 minutes before shooting time 2 does walked through about 40 yards in front of me. I thought to myself, well I can at least say I saw deer today. 10 minutes into shooting time I heard deer approaching. A doe was coming up the trail where I had drug my sent line. She followed my sent line right to the scrape 20 yards to my left. As I watched her I heard somthing else walking through the woods heading in my direction. I was hoping for a buck to be on her trail, but it was another doe. As I stuggled to see what was walking towards me through the woods I turned my attention back to the doe at the scrape who had caught my movement and was now very alert looking right at me. She took 2 nervous steps, never snorted and was about to exite the area when all of a sudden out of no where a 5 point stepped out of the woods 20 yards behind me and the doe. I never seen nor heard him coming. He came up the ridge downwind from me and the doe. I would say he smelled the sent wick, came up the ridge and saw the doe standing under the wick. Well he started chasing that doe and the doe forgot all about me. She was just trying to get this fellow off her tail. I watched this go on for about 5 minutes. Finally they both went their seperate ways. About 15 minutes later I heard somthing else walking through the woods, a 4 pointer walked by me at 10 yards. I couldnt believe the morning I was having. 30 minutes into shooting time and I had seen 6 deer with shots at 3 of them. It doesnt get much better than that. 10 minutes after the four pointer came through I heard somthing coming through the woods from the direction the four pointer had went. I sat there thinking the four pointer was coming back. I sat there listening as the leaf crunching got louder and louder. Then I heard a grunt, it was a high pitched sissy grunt and I thought for sure it was the four point. I grabbed my grunt tube and let out a long drawn out deep grunt. The deer responded back with his high pitched grunt. I grunted at him twice and he responded twice. I was having so much fun. I finally saw movement coming through the woods. As he stepped into a clear spot I saw a very large almost pure white rack on top of his head. This wasnt no sissy four pointer. He was the buck of my lifetime. There was no time for buck fever, seconds after seeing the size of his rack he stepped into a shooting lane. At 35 yards I put an arrow through both lungs. This 9 pointer ran about 120 yards. Upon retrieving him I noticed all the white and grey on his face. He must be a pretty old buck. What do you guys think.

So there you have one of my hunting story's. This is my biggest buck (so far).
Lets hear yours.

Good Hunting,
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That is a nice buck especially with archery gear. He's got good mass, I'd say he's been through a few winters anyway.
Thanks for the story.
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