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Lets see some of your catch from last year!

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Here is one of my buddy with a nice catch we got out of Whithall, MI early summer last year.

And here is one of me with a brown that was caught out of Manistee, MI right after ice out.

I used to have more but I had a computer problem this year and lost them.:(

Lets see some of your catch this year.;)
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Here are a few from this past year, hope you enjoy.

This fish was so hungry it felt the need to devour two spoons.

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Nice looking pics RUBE.;)

I ecspecially like the second one of the steelie in the water.;)

The third pic looks like that steelie is looking at your spawn sack and thinking "what the hell did I just eat"..:biggrin: :biggrin:
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