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Let's see them "post season" Trail Timer Pics!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Scarlet Dew, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Thought I'd start a thread for those "hard core" gnats that are already collecting data on next years possible bucks. Got any pics of some bucks that "made it" for next years chase??

    Post 'em here...........

    Just pulled my camera's from a 6 day sit and got this 10 pt. Should be a dandy next year if all goes well for him the next 9 months.

  2. I don't own a trail cam yet. What have you found to be the best on the market from your experiences? What price? Where purchased?


  3. Believe it or not i got a trail cam the Christmas before last and i have not used it one time:bonk:. I finally got around to getting batteries and the film so maybe tomorrow i will put it up after the Colts game. Any tips or suggestions on how to use them. I have read you have to be careful which direction you face them becuase the heat from the sun can trigger off pics and you end up with bad pics. I'd be real interested to see what is still out at the place i hunt, i havent seen a big buck there in a few years, not sure if they just arent there or if im simply missing them. I'm contemplating looking for new land for next year so i need to get the cam out there to make sure something isnt there i dont know about.
  4. Camera Suggestions, Tips

    Let me first say.........they all take pictures, and there is no one camera that is "full-proof". One may have better capabilities in one area vs another brand and usually we just have to assume the advertising for what you get is correct (which is sometimes false). One of the benefits I have is quite a few of us that hang together have these cameras. As we have tried different units.......some have gone back after about a week of use never to be bought again.......some were used since pics were great, but returned due to malfunctioning after only a short period of use..........some really surfaced to the top in our book and we have gotten years of service out of them and are quite easy to use. I'll just speak on what we have gravitated to.........

    High Price Unit of choice............Cuddeback Digital........Easy to use, CLEAR pictures, durable, good on batteries, up to 400+ pics to store (great for areas with high doe concentrations as you sift through doe after doe after doe pic to finally get an idea of what bucks you have roaming around too).

    Low Price Unit of choice............Stealth Cam........VERY low price to buy one (sometimes 50 bucks or less), can buy them about anywhere, not much capitol loss if stolen, allows for buying power of multiple units which is awsome for really pinning down that "particular" buck's movement or "canvasing" a broad area to see what ya got lurking, GREAT pictures for 35mm camera's, easy on batteries, VERY durable, EASY to use.

    Tips on use...........Never point any of them directly in the path of the sun (you get many false trips which eats up 35mm film and leaves you pissed off), try to be at least 10 foot from your target trails/scrapes (nothing more aggravating to see you have testicals hanging from your deer in the picture, but the top of the deer is cut off due to being too close to the trail), do not use them in areas where you are unsure of ethics of other hunters (trust me.....they'll come up missing). Best results to catch Does is set-ups on trail crossings.........Best results on catching Bucks is to set up on scrapes/community scrapes (the larger the better, even after the season is over clear into January. The buck pic I posted above was at a community scrape and he was one of 5 bucks that visited that thing still in mid January). Just sooooo many tips on use to cover, but these are the main ones that will get you off and running and just scratching your head wondering how you ever got by without one. :coolgleam
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  5. Wow...great info...I now know more about them than I ever did b4. Looks like another hunting expense for me...when will it ever end?
  6. My cameras are both in the woods. Have been there about 3 weks, and only showing that they have 3 pics. between the 2 cameras. They are on the 2 most traveled trails on the property, so that tells you what horrible hunting ground I have. It'sa good thing that I have other areas where I can go hunt when I just want to fill a tag.
  7. Last two years I used a Stealth cam, while taking the film into to be processed was a pain, at least the images where clear. I picked up a Wildview digital camera and haven't got a clear image yet, day or night??? Guess it pays to spend the extra money.

    Oh well, i had it out for a week at the food plot and got a couple pics, this one looks like a buck thats already dropped its bones, what do you guys think??

  8. trail cams

    I too am looking for a couple of cams. Ran across Moultrie Digital Gamespy 100 on e-bay. they are over stocks and sent back for resale. Still get full warranty $80 a piece. Anybody know anything about them or have used them. I like the idea of digital! Download to laptop and your off and running. From what I have been reading it sounds like most people have problems with flash and or white out. Can I assume you can set flash on lowest setting to prevent this?

    Same camera at Gander Mtn is over $100.

    Sorry for so many stupid questions.

  9. Going to go pull my cameras again today...........will post if anything "good" shows up.

    On a side note........... I was in Fort Wayne's Gander Mountain Last night and they had most Trail Cameras on sale. Best deal I have ever seen was taken home with me last night. Stealth Cam is now selling a "Two pack" of Trail Timer Cameras and after rebate you get the 2 cameras for $49.99..........yup......'bout $25 per camera after rebate. I've used these models of Stealth Cam before and they work GRRRRRRRREAT!!!

    Deal ends at the end of January 06.

    They had several "twin packs" left.

    Thought I'd post notice here if you are lookin' for a great deal on a trail camera.:coolgleam
  10. Are those digital or 35mm?
  11. trailcams

    scarlet....using film, how many times have you taken to get developed and nothing there. I assume you can tell the number of shots....just don't know of what right? How long is the battery life in the stealthcam?

  12. 35 mm cameras
  13. Never...........I mean Never have we had "blank film" when we went in for developing when using this "Cheap" Stealth Cam. The number of shots is displayed on the front up to 99 pictures. Obviously it stops taking pics at the end of your film/role capacity (and auto rewinds it for you) but it still keeps counting the # of deer/pics that it was triggered for up to 99. Good way to at least keep a count on frequency the trail or scrape has been used. The Battery life for the 8 "AA" batteries is about 45 days in warm weather and about 21 days in colder weather in these models. Interestingly though last night I noticed they have jacks now in the bottom of them to recieve a 6 volt battery pack or solar panel jack.............yup.......even on these "Cheap" models. I can only imagine how long you get then for battery life.

    Not kiddin' gang..............stupid low price..........great results with this camera. The "twin pack" I bought last night puts 5 now in my arsenal. They just flat out do the job........and don't bust your wallet.

    Go Get-um.:coolgleam
  14. Gotta side with ya, I loved my Stealth cam, I have a digital Wildview, a cheaper model, it sucks. Grainy pictures, slow trigger/motion time. Lots of butts of deer and out of focus deer, plus the flash sucks royal. Night pictures are terrible unless the deer is real close

    I'm thinking about either going back to the film, which is a pain, or getting a high dollar digital camera.