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Let's take a vote

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Dean Weimer, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. O.K. kids...time for another vote.

    How many of you agree that the OBR is, at the very least, partly responsible for the increase in the number of mature bucks being harvested statewide??

    Who thinks that it is because of a general upswing in the "QDM" (and similar) practices by individuals statewide??

    Also, let's, as a side vote, see how long you think this thread will last before it is closed...

    Place your votes ladies...:grouphug:
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  2. If we just voted without comments the thread might last a while...with comments not very long! :bash:

    Question 1 : Yes, OBR working and responsible for upswing.

    Question 2: QDM only partially responsible, not as big of impact as OBR.

    Question 3: See first statement above. :bash:

  3. Thanks for the input tree. Who is next??
  4. Ladies????

    Hmmm, do I vote or not? I'm no lady. ;)

    I vote yes to both. I think the OBR is helping increase the age structure of the bucks in our state. I also think that the general public is becoming better educated about QDM and its benefits, due to magazine articles and hunting shows. I also don't think that these are not the only two factors involved, but I think each factor is a plus, i.e. every little bit helps.
  5. No you are no lady InBowhunter, your manners are disgusting. (Kidding!!!).

    You forgot to answer No. 3...
  6. 1. OBR is definitly working, no questions asked.

    2. QDM cant hurt, but is not the main reason deer are getting bigger.

    3. This post will be shut down when ever CutNShoot gets out of bed and reads it.
  7. Hi Bo, Interesting assessment...Can you give me some walleyes/morels????
  8. LMBO, ok.... will get shut down whenever it turns from a friendly informed debate to personal attacks.
  9. 1. OBR is working!

    2. QDM can help (but I hunt state ground, try to tell this to any Tom, Dick, or Harry that has his 12 gauge a blarin'!):bash:

    3. Momma watches The Young and the Restless, I read this forum...same result!:coco:
  10. It can turn into a soap opera. Do you see some nice bucks on public land here in Indiana??
  11. I have hunted for 5 years on state land that is landlocked. I have seen several nice bucks that ya'll would say would be shooters, but have not been in the right stand at the right time. I have scouted and been on the ready during early archery, but never quite close enough (you know, the typical "it came in to 50 yards but not one inch closer") and then you see it during opening weekend on the run and you hear a gunshot on the next property...:banghead3

    I am just glad that I enjoy sitting in the woods without any cares but enjoying nature....
  12. It sure can take the stress away...
  13. Both working

    I agree that : 1)OBR is the predominant reason that my buddy and I have been seeing more and older bucks the last few years on the farm we hunt.

    2) QDM is also helping our situation, but not as much as OBR because most of the hunters surrounding our area do not practice QDM.

    3) The only way to correct the other people not practicing QDM is for more restrictions or shortening the gun season and moving out of the rut, I swear to God it is man, I'll say it right to your face.
  14. Dean Weimer....I knew that name rang a bell...I just returned from my library (bathroom) where I read daily...sometimes up to three times. Im a hefty reader. And I always read old and new magazines. I just read the story on the "Harvey Wallhanger" again. Nice article Dean.
    Instead of arguing about the OBR and QDM, you should just refer your "arguie" to that article.

    Keep up the good work,
    maybe someday you'll be as good as Bayou Bill Scifres