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Lets talk about December 9th

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by 410, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. What do you think gang? Shotgun is over and now the off week and then BANG muzzle loader season. Here is my thoughts,:yikes: WOW it's starting to get colder and I know that those old big bucks are starting to make there rounds again. I think there is going to be some huge bucks kill in the next two weeks. In just the last two or three days things are starting to look up. Since I got my buck:banghead3 , it will be hard to muzzle load hunt for just does and it will be hard to let those big boys go,:help: but that will be no problem because I know they will be around here next year and think gang OBR OBR OBR for ever. What is your plans for the up coming weeks?:coco:
  2. Doe with the ML, last doe with the bow...hopefully some ice fishing soon!

  3. Just bought muzzleloader supplies tonight and will try very hard to get a buck with my new M/L.
  4. one last doe with a bow or two if im lucky
  5. I plan on trying for at least a couple more does Muzzleloader or Bow whichever comes first, I just got the kit today to convert my traditions over to 209, I can't wait to shoot it..
  6. I'm finished deer hunting for the year...I think. I'll be pheasant hunting on December 10th and the 2006 deer season will be a great memory to look back on.
  7. December 9th....the quest for a shooter buck will continue with M/L. Once (if) that is done I will get out the bow and fill an unused doe tag, actually if I shoot a buck with M/L I can take two does with bow...hmm. Hopefully be putting some points on the board for my teammates this month.
  8. need to get my tail home for a little bow hunting. i'm really looking forward to ice fishing this year. hopefully we will have more then 5 days of ice.
  9. Just got my new Christmas Leupold today at GM. Went to my buddy's dads house and we mounted it, and bore sighted it. I will be hitting the range on Wed. afternoon.

    I can't wait to try out the new scope and slug combo. Shooting the 245 (255 actually) Grain Power Belt, used to shoot 300s....can't wait to "reach out and touch someone".

    I have a buck tag that is buring a hole in my pocket. And, those does better be ready as well.

    Good luck everyone!!!

    BTW...I also got another early X-Mas present as well from my brother, Dan. He highly recommended the Under Armour Cold Weather stuff, so I'm sure it'll come in handy in this Arctic Weather. Click clack???
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  10. i readyyyyyyyyy.........this is the time of year where their out in the cornfields. Yesterday had a doe literally almost run into me, and yes i was on the edge of a cornfield.........she was the one i missed too at 15 yrds.:banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 . Well what can i say, can't get them all. Next week she won't be as lucky :evilsmile :evilsmile ......well maybe she will be if her big daddy comes strollin by.....we'll just have to see what happen shouldn't have any trouble getting a crack at one. If i get one with the ole smoke pole, its back to slingin arrows at i low on arrows now that i think about it. Good luck to everyone.;)
  11. I love hunting with my muzzleloader. I will be out ready to go.
  12. Doe, Buck, Whatever. As long as it dresses to over 100lbs I'll be happy.

    I've got a flintlock and an inline pistol.

    It's not like I don't still have 2 tags...
  13. The Savage is ready and so am I
  14. I plan on tryin to fill my last doe tag with a bow.
  15. Plan on trying to get a few all day hunts in during ML. Usually some good bucks show up to chase the yearlings around. Tough hunting, though. Still looking for the big guys to move around in the daylight just a little. Would like to kill another doe, been seeing some big mature slicks out in the middle of the day.