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License Fraud

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by HickoryNut, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. I was talking to a guy the last day of shotgun season about at a check in station, he asked if I had a lifetime license and I said yeah. He asked if I knew anyone that needed one....puzzled I said maybe, why? He said that he and a friend were making them for $50.00. He said the field officers dont check numbers and if you just show them your license they will let you go. I asked about checking a deer in, they said they never checked in doe's but put a phony transportation tag on them. They also said that if they kill a big enough buck to get mounted they put the phony transportation tag on the buck, go home...unload the deer, go get a real tag...come home and tag it. I have went back to the same place four times since then trying to see these guys again...I have their trust and want to see if I can get their names. These guys need to be stopped soon. I thought at first they may be full of it, but after thinking about it, it probably would work. I think all LTL holders should get a new card with a bar code that can be scanned by the DNR. I hope this doesnt get out of control.
  2. I have been hearing rumors there is a lot of fraud revolving around the new computer print-out licenses. I hear people are xeroxing the cheapo printouts we use in Indiana and using them multiple times. We need a higher quality, not easily faked computer print-out material. In Michigan they have an orange plastic like paper they computer print them on. Good enforcement costs dollars. Indiana ranks last among the Great Lake states in salaries for state employees.

  3. We could have licenses with water marks or marks on them only seen through a red lens, kinda like the old cracker jack decoders, anything so these guys cant easily reproduce them.
  4. ...buth with the new computerized system and the info turned in at the check in station isn't there a way to find who is illegally using fake licenses and/or taking more deer than they are allowed??? :dizzy:
  5. Not if they dont check them in, they are counterfeiting lifetime licenses that only require a hand written transport tag.
  6. anyone else heard of this, how about you dnrlawman???????
  7. I don't know of any cases being made but let's face it an 8 yr old could replicate the licenses today.
  8. Would that fall under fraud or counterfiting?