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Life gets put in perspective...

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by jstalljon, Apr 26, 2007.


    I travel the toll road twice a day,35 miles each way. I actually drove by the "initial" incident talked about in this article. The major wreck couldn't have happened 5 minutes after I went through here this morning.

    This construction area is posted for almost 3 miles each direction of where this accident occurred. Absolutely NO reason this should have happened. OBEY THE SIGNS!!!!

    My thoughts and prayers to the families affected by this tragedy.
  2. Kind of makes you wonder that was going through the drives head that started the whole thing. Probably rushing trying to make a deadline and didnt realize that being late was better than being dead. We are all guilty of pretending that 5,10, or even 15 over the speed limit isn't that bad, but when its in a construction site the risks are more than doubled. Bless the families and friends of those involved and bless the truck driver that has to live with this in the back of his mind for the rest of his life.

  3. I drive a semi, and some of those truck drivers drive way too fast, and too close. When you get a van trailer in front of another truck, and you can't see in front of it, stuff like this happens. The 2 trucks behind the first were probably only 20 to 30 yards behind each other, and you can't stop those things on a dime.
  4. that's too bad...didn't we have a decent sized according accident tuesday or wed. on the toll road too? man thats too bad to see but indylandon is right. We've all been on the toll road and seen 3 semi's nose to tail. I normally drive like (bad jones bad) but my car is alot more maneuverable than a big ol' truck and trailer. man thats too bad...
  5. Initial reports have pointed to "inattention while driving" as a likely cause of this accident.
  6. ccavacini

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    Interesting. When I was going to college in Chicago (I took 30), my dad told me that if the weather turned bad to get behind a semi because those were the safest drivers around and I would always be safe following one.