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Lifetime License holders paying for tags??

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Gizmo, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. I heard in the chatroom that next year, Lifetime Licence Holders will not be able to use all the bonus tags available. I guess after one or two antlerless deer you will have to buy a tag??? I dont usually get my feathers ruffled, but I think this is wrong. I will obey the rules as listed on the back of my lifetime license. I was told that Kyle Hepfer said this before stepping down. Anyone else heard this? I want your opinions. It was also said that its not fair to the hunters without a lifetime license. I dont agree with that either. Hunters had a year notice that the L.L. was going to be done away with.
  2. Won't happen without one hell of a fight. Past practice usually rules in litigation.

  3. I wish I had bought mine in time...... Just was not feesable w/ exwife in school. Goodluck guys, they are going to try and take all they can from you.
    I work for the state and everytime they say we are getting a raise we end up loosing money. I have taken a paycut every year w/ makeing more on the hour...... Just their kind of math i guess.
  4. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    i have heard romors of this, and i dont think it will ever happen, but what i heard was the dnr did away with the l/l because loss of revenue, and after they did away with it they raised the number of antlerless from 4 to basicly unlimited (provided county quota) Once again i think its only a rumor! But im sure if theres a way for them to increase revenue once again they will. You want revenue.....offer a l/l once every 5 years, you would have new hunters paying for licenses and then when the l/l year comes up there would be a huge number of licenses that would be sold.
  5. thanks to our man mitch
  6. class action lawsuite i'm in
  7. I am right behind you!
  8. I haven't heard about this, nor do I anticipate this would ever happen.
  9. i don't think there's any was they could do this. #3 on the back of my license states that this license is in lieu of: All present or future annual stamps or licenses required to hunt or fish for a specific species.
  10. I have heard the rumor as well. If it happens the next step would be removing current LL period.

    It is all about money...complete crock of chit!
  11. I seriously doubt this will happen, but you never know. I know the agreement I entered into when I bought mine.

    I'll be in on the fight if it comes.
  12. me too i'll be in there
  13. I don't think it will happen either. Major class action suit!

    I'd be among the complaining! :)
  14. I wont fight it, i'll just obey the license in my pocket. The way I see it is I have a written contract in my wallet with the Indiana DNR. I will obey it and they will accept it.
  15. Lifetime license was the best investment that I ever made. If the state commit breach of contract, fellow license holders will hold them accountable.