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Lifetime License

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by treehugger, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Great arguments...definitely good to see.

  2. way to open pandoras box, tree

    here goes this debate again. I see that it would be good for children and those that didnt get theirs the first time, but look at revenue later on down the road. I dont think it has a chance but it would be sweet to see em again.
  3. would love to see this come back.

    I got mine in june of '05 because they were doing away with it.. otherwise I prolly wouldn't have went through with it. Best thing that I ever did!

    I don't believe that they didn't make $$$ off of them. I believe that the legislature saw all this "unused $$$" and raided the cookie jar.
  4. So what your trying to say is...its time to fill the cookie jar back up?
  5. Ken - the legislature would like to raid the "cookie jar" but they cannot. The Lifetime License fund was developed for the specific use of the DNR. I think we got into it for Goose Pond and maybe one other time so far.

  6. And, that guy was a democrat.......interesting.
  7. Hopefully it makes it. I would love to see it pass.