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Little doe down...

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by alhersch, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. I'm not that proud of it, but it's meat! I haven't gotten a dear in about 4 years and man did it feel good again!!! It was the biggest bambi of the two. I didn't weight it, but it didn't have spots either dangit... [​IMG] I'll keep on hunting for a big ol buck and another doe if she walks by me and offers a shot. It was almost a gimme, the 30 yard shot hit the heart and both lungs. Deer didn't make it very far 30 yards maybe, when I was looking at the blood trail you could see chunks of the lungs had been blowing out... Thanks to the 295 Grain Powerbelt. Did more than the job!

    Now I can go do more coyote callin and a lot more after shotgun season ends. And to top it all off, I get home and my new to me bow is sittin on the steps, that I traded my Foxpro for!!!

    Now my shoulder will be sore for the next month, the bow is set at like 80 pounds!!! I managed to shoot about 25 times, but now i'll pay for it this week... I almost did a robin hood at 20 yards, i'll post more about it in the correct forum.



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  2. Congrats, Alan...looks yummy!

  3. Nice Deer - they are all good uns. The important thing is you are out there having at it! Not on your posterior on the couch, or hanging out in the mall waiting for your wife :biggrin:
  4. She sure will look good in the freezer, congrats
  5. looks great and will taste even better. congrats!!
  6. Great job alhersh. Looks like fine eaten there.
  7. Are you sure you weren't hunting near OBK and just found that deer already laying there dead...shame on you. I don't see the buck in the pic.
    Sorry that's just plain mean.:evilsmile
  8. Big Congrats Alan! Glad to hear you are back in the swing of things again. Good luck on that big buck!!!
  9. I Killed two this am that are carbon copies :coco:
  10. looks like some good eatin. nice doe.
  11. Good deal Mark. Should be some fine eatin'!
  12. Can't beat that shot placement, nice job.