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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by bonecollector14, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Okay Guys and Girls, 2017 Whitetail Season is upon us. Every year Men Women and children across the county set out into the woods hoping for that shot at that trophy of a deer. No matter the sex or size of the antlers a trophy is a trophy. We also have 2017 Deer Contest Kicked off. So post your live posts from the stand to give us reading material while in the stand. Don't forget to think about our men and women in the armed services fighting for our right to hunt and always take a kid hunting and fishing. Post pics stories misses animals anything from the stand and Good Luck!
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  2. is nobody hunting Urban or in the stand anywhere? Lets get the pictures coming in.

  3. Bring on the stories and the pictures from youth weekend. Doesn't amtter if you posted on deer contest thread.
  4. I was out with my daughter for the youth hunt. No deer, but had a good time all the same.....except for the heat and the skeeters....

    View to our east as the sun started to peak out on saturday morning...
    Youth hunt view 2.jpg

    This was our view to the west about an hour or two later.....
    Youth hunt view 1.jpg
  5. 59351C8A-E209-483F-A6B2-286FC561DEC4.jpg Just passed a nice public land 8 just outside his ears
  6. Saw 8 bucks and 5 does this morning. All small bucks
  7. Had 2 right under me ten minutes before I could shoot. Cousin shot a great opening day buck.
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  8. 17 does in a 2 hour period all within 20 yards and less, no bucks. Did see a lot of very impressive rubs, and a few scrapes!!!!
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  9. no deer. made a new friend in the woods. a nice loving hawk snatched up one of the loudest squirrels for breakfast 10 yards from my stand. come back for his twin, please.