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Locked Up Bucks!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, May 1, 2006.

  1. Do you shoot one, or try to rescue both??

    WOW!!! That was an emotional roller coaster for me. What do you guys think about the guy shooting the one? I'm mixed on this one....

  2. tell me how to save both!

    I would try to save both, if there was a way. I don't think what they did was wrong, both would have died if left alone. I would probably call a local CO, before I did anything, clear myself of any wrong doing before I shot one. Of course, that is my standard answer for everything questionable. A chainsaw could have been used to free them both, I wouldn't want to be the guy with the saw, though (I'd let the CO do it).

  3. confused!!

    I made the assumption the buck was shot while tied up with the other one. Why would the guy put one down knowing it would cause an issue for the other one?

    I guess his buddy already spent his tag or he would have put the other one down.

    At least they made the effort in saving one of them.

  4. That my friends is called "fair chase hunting".

    We hunt these critters in their environment. Sometimes their environment is hostile, sometimes it's as healthy as a cool fall day and they are in pursuit of sex, sometimes they come by the stand with gore holes or gun bullet holes in them, sometimes they just come by in full health and offer just a clean shot.............bottom line........their environment offers many different ways shots are presented, and what you just saw here is their rare as it may's fair chase hunting.

    Now.........what each of us does with these "odd" or "common" opportunities is up to us. Do what you can live with........... my book, this was fair chase hunting as for what I can see in the video. The guy decided to take advantage of a situation in the Whitetail World and harvested one of these bucks with a good clean shot......and did what was possible to salvage the other buck.

    In my opinion he was successful twice. Once as a hunter.......and once as a conservationist.

    What a day in the woods!! :coolgleam
  5. Very eloquently put, Tim. I agree with everything you wrote.
  6. I agree Tim....too many times we forget when we venture out we are in their environment and not them in ours. The wild can be, and often is, cruel in our way of thinking. To wildlife it is their way of life or death. Witnessing something like that would certainly be something you would never forget.
  7. Man, I'm cheap!

    You want to see a couple locked up bucks, peek in my wallet, there are still two in there I got in 1968!
  8. The Bird, Bird, Bird...the Bird is the word!!!!

    No, Quail, I'll pass on looking in your wallet...who knows what might jump out at a person...

    Speaking of "locked up" Quail, aren't you supposed to be in the South Unit right now!!!!:cheeky-sm !!!!! Hey, you'd look good in a strait jacket, bro!!!! Off white is a good color on you.....:coco: !!!