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Look at this old fish I landed on Wyland Lake

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by DEC, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. So, I'm fishing on Wyland Lake yesterday. I hear a giant splash, all kinds of commotion, water was boiling with action. I launch a dry fly out to the source of the noise and hook the ugliest, oldest, nastiest fish I've ever caught.

    But dang did he look good on my stinger.:evilsmile

  2. :evilsmile :yikes: :evil:


  3. Looks like it's bloated with eggs! :yikes: :evilsmile
  4. Throw it back, it's a mudpuppy!
  5. Good thing you got it out of has probably been eatin' all the bluegill.:evil:
  6. :yeahthat:
  7. your NOT going to mount that one are you?
  8. He looks a little yellow behind the gills!!!
  9. If tmarsh lets you put that one in the contest............I'm really gonna be pisssssed. :mad:

    .............Freshwater Fishing, Saltwater Fishing..........and now Septicwater tank Fishing. Ya just never know where these guys are gonna wet a line next, and what there gonna pull out do ya tmarsh. :16suspect

    I do want to know..........what did it bite on?
  10. Naw, I wouldn't enter him. Length of 6' or so is pretty good, but he's too skinny. I'm holding out to catch a Marsh Fish. A little shorter, but man is there girth on one of those bad boys ... That dude has to be 9' around.:evil: That extra girth really racks up the points. Bait is easier too. Just tie a hot dog on the end of the line. Draws them in every time.

    The Tuck Fish however, those bite good on a dry fly pattern specially tied to resemble a blue gill. I hear that a sun fish pattern will catch them too, but they'll bite on a gill every time.:biggrin:
  11. (Now you've done it DEC........)

    We've ..........Got........... Incoming!!! :hide: :hide:

    :evilsmile :biggrin: :evilsmile ​
  12. Is that one of those DORK FISH I've been hearing about?
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  13. :yeahthat:

    I may have actually died just now reading that derek...
    i forcefully had to restart my heart


    trent, a reply?
  14. Hey DEc now thats funny. I see you did have the right bait with you. GILLS
  15. I'm just glad no Tuck Fish drowned in the incident.:)