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Look what landed in my yard!

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by DEC, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. I recently decided to up the ante with the decoys. I wanted a new look so I bought two dozen GHG lessers to mix in with the Big Feet. I finally got out to set them up the other day. The pictures don't do these decoys justice. The movement they provide is incredible. I can't wait to mix them in with the Big Feet. Should give the spread an entirely new look.:coolgleam

  2. I'm convinced...does that mean anything??

  3. I just like my new toys.

    Can you picture yourself in the middle of them waiting on some honkers, Trent?:biggrin: Come up one time next year and you'll be hooked for life.:coolgleam
  4. Dude, you gotta get some help. Weren't you just selling off some decoys because you had too many?:) You make my addictions much more bearable!
  5. Ever tried decoys while ice fishing? I was thinking of dropping in a couple of JL series walleye decoys to see if I could bring in some jumbo perch.
  6. Are you baiting them with snow? :evil:
  7. Deal!
  8. I know, I know. The first step to curing the addiction is to admit you have a problem.

    My name is Derek and I have a waterfowl addiction.:(

    There, I did it. I really don't feel better though. Maybe more decoys would make me feel better!:evilsmile
  9. Hello Derek! (In my best monotone addict voice) :biggrin:

    Great looking spread....have to bring them West next season. That field I've been telling you about it STILL holding geese! :bowdown:
  10. Scott, were those the decoys in J.L.'s picture? They looked pretty lifelike, however the finish on them seemed to be cloudy. Ha Ha ha. I just got back in.... Give me a while and I'll post some perch pics!!!!!!!!! Holy cow;) On a different thread though. DEC that is a pretty sweet layout. Looks good from here. There must have 1000 geese in the middle of my lake yesterday.... talk about noisy!
  11. Those decoys look deadly for sure.:bowdown: Bring them & the feet my way next year TEAM-MATE. I'm always ready for a goose hunt...........
  12. ditchin the bigfoots ...... you aughta be ashamed of yourself :)
  13. No ditching the Feet. Simply supplementing them. Between three of us, we still have 100 Feet. GHG just for a different look.:cool: