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Discussion in 'Indiana Bass Fishing' started by dwh91102, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Hey fellas, just trying to get some input on different lakes around the state. I'm looking for somewhere to take my dad for a weekend fishing trip. Something that we can cover fairly well on my 18' (15hp) boat, maybe something with cabin rentals, or camp grounds with electric hook ups.
  2. Hey dwh...Not sure where Aurora is or how far you want to travel but...Lake Waveland, just down the road from Turkey Run State Park, is a good option for the type of boat you have. The TRSP campground is not far from there. Another option is Leiber State Park with Cataract Lake right there. For a real nice electric motor only lake there is Rockville Lake located just on the outskirts of Rockville, IN. There is a nice little campground there also. Hope this helps. Good luck and have fun with your Dad!


  3. Tree is correct. Those are excellent options for your needs, but they are very far from home. Worth the trip, but plan to make a weekend of it.

    Closer to home, you might try Starve Hollow near Vallonia, or Lake Monroe. You will want to avoid the main lake, but you can do well on the Idle Side of the 446 causeway.

    If you want to travel north, Racoon State Rec Area offers camping and Racoon Lake (Cecil D Harding Resevoir) is one of my favorite places to boat and fish.
  4. If you don't have one, pick up a copy of the Indiana Atlas and Gazetteer next time you go to Wal-Mart. I have used mine to find some pretty good fishing holes.
  5. waveland good choice

    big gills cat and bass all hitting now caught over 100 keepers(gills) in three trips. come on down :fish:
  6. If you go to raccoon on a weekend be prepared to fight jet skis and big boats. It can get pretty choppy out there. Have you been to Rockville lake Randy? I have'nt been there in a couple years but it was descent fishing back then.
  7. I have been to Rockville lake. It has been several years though. A guy I work with has a house on the lake and he told me the fishing has been real good this summer.
  8. I might have to head up there. I did that fishing tournament on saturday mornings a couple times. Never won but caught some fish.