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Looking for a New Boat..

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Duckz-N-Buckz30, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Time to pick your brains a bit......

    I am looking for a new/used boat that I can throw in the truck by myself and hit the strip-pits. What is the best route;

    1. Brands
    2. Plastic or aluminum
    3. Where can I get one for under $500.
    4. size, 8-12 ft.
    5. 2 maybe 3 person

    let me know..
  2. or maybe a new/used bass/duck boat...I don't want to go over a 9.9hp motor. I fish a lot at Turtle Creek as well.

    the wife probably won't let me go this route, but you never know..
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  3. Personally, I like aluminum. If you can find the 10 foot jon boats, they are easy enough for one able bodied fellow to throw around, and takes at little more beating in my opinion than does plastic. Especially when it comes to a trolling motor pushing, pulling and twisting.

    Personally, I like the free ad paper, but I think that is more of a northern publication. But there almost always smaller jon boats in those peddler post type papers, and almost always reasonable people are doing the selling.
  4. Go with a 9 or 10 ft. aluminum jon boat for the strip pits. I have a 9 ft. Grumman that is so easy to handle by yourself. Don't go with the 2 man figerglass bass boats that you can get from Bass Pro Shops or other local sports stores. Although they are very nice to fish out of they are too much to handle by yourself. I put swivel fold down seats in my 9 ft.'r that made it more comfortable to fish out of. There isn't a lot of room in it but it is easy to use, covenient to carry, and gets you in the pits and smaller lakes that a bigger boat can't go. Slap a trolling motor on it and you're ready for action.
  5. Go With A 12' John Boat Not That Much More Weight Still Can Load & Unload With One Person But More Room And 2 People Can Fish Very Comfortably Put A 50# Thrust Trolling Motor On It And It Works Great Been Using One For Over 20 Yrs. And I Probably Catch More Bass Than The Guys With The 20,000 Dollar Rigs
  6. I have a 10' aluminum V-bottom that I got for free off a guy. I fixed it up and thought it would be great for just throwing in the back of a truck. I think I'd trade it for a flat bottom john boat any day. A flat bottom would be much easier to drag in and out.

    I'd go with a small john boat.

    I've got a Johnson 4.5 hp w/ integrated gas tank. Slap that baby on the back and the boat will go anywhere.
  7. Duckz if you are going to buy just one boat for 2 to 3 people get a Alum.
    12 ft. that will do for what you want. I have 4 boats, one 10 ft, two 12 ft, and one 16 ft bass boat, and each one has it uses.
  8. I have a 10' aluminum john boat that I use for all sorts of stuff. I can load it alone if need be. I've used a troller on it, it is easy to row, and I put a duck blind on it for this past season. Can't beat a john boat.
  9. Thanks guys....I had an 8ft and a 12ft growing up and liked them both for what they were used for, just didn't know if anyone liked the plastic better now-a-days.