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Looking for a new duck gun???? Help

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by bigling97, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Alright boys and girls. I am looking for a new 12Ga semi auto duck, goose and part time upland bird gun. I don't want to spend too much money but I also don't want it to jam or blow up in my hands. Tell me what you think. Please Goose starts up in Sept and I want to get a good feel for it before then.
    Thanks all!!
  2. Bigling, Remington 1187 Premiere, maybe more than you want to spend but it might be the last gun you'll ever buy and they're sweet. I'd try looking for a used one first. DEC would know of others.

  3. 11-87 might be your best bet price wise and for being a "workhorse". Go to your local gun shop, shoulder and swing a few. Find the one that fits you best. It's all up to you, and what fits your style the most. If price wasn't an issue, I'd look at the Benelli's.
  4. New shotgun … cooooooool … very cool. But this is kind of a Ford/Chevy/Dodge debate really.

    What you really need to do is get several different ones in your hands that also fit what you want to spend and then see what feels best and has the features you want.

    I don’t even own a 12 ga. autoloader, but have considered many. For one of the big names, i.e., Browning Gold (or Silver), Winchester SX2 (or SX3), Benelli, Berretta, etc. Be prepared to drop $800 and up. All depends on what you want in the gun. Camo finish is more money. 3.5” over 3” is more money. Etc.

    If you are on a budget, i.e. $500 or less, then you are limited. Very few 3.5’s under $500. I could be wrong, but I think the Remington Spartan and the Charles Dailey lines are the only 3.5’s under $500.

    If you are not set on 3.5” then, 3” guns open options in lower prices. I’m told that Steogger (sp) makes a great gun in 3” for the money.

    That’s about all I can offer. Much of it is personal preference. Many will give “expert” advise, but you will have to decide for yourself.
  5. My friend likes his Stoeger quite a bit (same auto action as the Benelli), it was about half the price of the Benelli.
  6. My experience with Remingtons. I've shot them for many many years, skeet, trap, sporting clays, small game to deer hunting. Never had any problems with the 870 or 11-87 in the 2 3/4 or 3" guns. My problems started when I went to the 3 1/2"in both 870 & 11-87. The first 11-87 came apart (on a Canada hunt) and couldn't be fixed and Remington replaced. The second one the parts just fell off (on another Canada trip). The 870, which I bought for a back up until I got my replacement 11-87, broke after less than one box shells fired through it (Ohio goose hunt) and had to be returned for repair. I have now sold all my Remington shotguns and now shoot a Benelli SBE II and Browning Cynergy. I've been told the Benelli jams but I've not had any problems (yet) and I've shot all different loads through it. But if it does jam I believe I can correct that problem in the field I don't need to return it to the factory because the parts fell to the ground. I've heard many others who shoot the 3 1/2" Remingtons and never had any problems so if you get one I hope it's one of the good ones or go with the 3".
  7. Like others have said a 1187 is the way to go. Wont jam on the steel shot and is a great gun.Or you could go with the sp10 like I have.But its a little hard to swing fast on the woodies.:)
  8. I shoot a rem 1187, no prolems, love it, use it for everything

    buddy #1 shoots a browning gold, awesome gun

    buddy #2 shoots a winchester sx2 no problems

    buddy #3 shoots a beneli, don't know which one, it jams up on him quite often. I think he's going to get something different this year.
  9. I have had a Remington 1100 (forerunner of the 1187) since 1974 and it has shot an awful lot of ducks. Way back then I bought extra barrells and have used it on upland birds and turkeys.

    Even with all the mud and water it has always, always worked well. I carried a rubber gas ring in my wallet though as on a very rare occasion it is was very cold and we had lots of shooting (Vermont Lake ducks) that ring would need to be replaced.

    Still works great today.
  10. I own 2 11-87's... one Benelli SBE. I do think the SBE is a bit nicer to your shoulder but other than that... kills ducks the same. I see H&R has a semi out now too... Charles daily can run around 5 bills i think for an all camo semi auto and i havent heard too many bad things about them.. my buddy loves his
  11. I also have a Remington 1100, my grandpa gave it to me when got too old to hunt... Shoots like a charm, and get this - he can't recall it jamming on him either. I've got and 870 too, never had a problem, with either...
  12. A new duck gun eh?? Well I'll give up my 2 cents worth:coco: ...... Dont worry about the 3½ cause if your fowl huntin the correct way here in Indiana,, then 3" is all you will need. Feet down!!!!!!!! Like the rest said,, you can go high or low end,,, I have a 1187 and love it... Doves to geese and everything in between:coolgleam 5 bills from Wally last year:evil: And its camo
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  13. HMMMMMMM........ I think I 'd listen to this guy............ He's right on the 3 1/2's......
  14. He is correct on the 3.5's. If you properly hunt ducks and geese there is no need for them. On top of that, a 3" semi auto will typically cycle even the lightest 2.75 trap loads. Many of the 3.5's struggle at the very light 2.75 trap loads.

    All I'll comment on the 3.5's is, my guns shoot 3.5's and I have a reason for this. I shoot pumps so cycling isn't a problem for me. My reason is I want the most flexible gun at my disposal at any given time. 95% of my goose hunting is done with 3" loads. However ... and it has happened ... I've been duck and goose hunting and run out of ammo. One time I dropped a bunch to the bottom of the pond, another time I simply ran out (divers on Erie, bad shooting, I could go on). In both instances I had to borrow ammo from a fellow hunter. I'd HATE to ask for a couple rounds and be handed a 3.5 when all I could shoot is a 3. That would suck!

    So, my opinion on a 3.5 is ... are they needed, NO ... are they more versatile, YES.

    Now when it comes to turkeys ... I like a 3.5, but I like to feel my teeth rattle when I squeeze the trigger on a gobbler too.:biggrin:

    Whichever you choose will kill geese and ducks when you hunt them properly ... like Pigeon said "FEET DOWN". There simply is no other way to hunt them IMO.:coolgleam
  15. Agree'd 3.5's aren't needed.Way overkill for ducks, imo. I'm glad I have that option though. Won't use it all the time, but I do use it. Usually on late season geese, I will load up with two 3inchers then my third round will be the 3.5. Not saying it shoots farther, but it's a better pattern out of my gun at a little longer ranges.