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  1. I'm in the market for a Brittany pup again. My old dog is 8 now and by the time I get a new one trained she'll be 10 so it's time. I'm looking for hunting stock, female that will be about 30-35 pounds full grown. It would be helpful if the litter whelped from March 1 on but nothing over 12 weeks and never under 10 weeks old? Any leads out there?

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    Jack, I was in the same situation...my older Brittany just turned 8. Got my pup last June.

    Here's where I got her: http://www.mapleriverbrittanys.com/

    It was about a 12 hour drive from Ft. Wayne, but worth the trip.

    She's a small female...her mom was only 30 lbs.
    Maple River Bit 'O Mischief --Missy --her picture is on the site

    The pup in 8 months old and weighs only 23lbs...small but fiesty.

    She's out of the Maverick line, a well-known line of hunting Brittanys.

    If you do contact them, tell Dave (Anderson) I said hi.


  3. Thanks, Cary. I was hoping to find a pup closer to home but I may give them a jingle.

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    Jack, here's another


    Guys on the Michigan site swear by these Britts...it's in Michigan. It would have been my next choice.

  5. Jack I think you need a Pudelpointer...........

  6. Don't know if you've been to Royal Flush out by Rockville, but you might want to give them a call. There's a guide out there that's got some Britney's that might have some pups.
  7. I know Jason and Royal Flush is closed for the season. Shawn did give me a lead on a littler but I haven't heard back from the guy.


    P.S. Art - pudelpointers are for the big guys who can hang on to that leash.