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looking for fish

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by Not Fishing, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. :help: Looking for safe ice in northeast corner of ind. , and some fish . Would like to pass on to my frends who can go fishing this week end.Some of them get time off . thank s for any input .
  2. Sylvan would be a good bet, Park at Gene Stratton Porter Memorial, easy to find . Lots of fishing going on. A good number of lakes in Northeast Indiana are being fished now.
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  3. Thank You

    Here in n.west Ohio we have from 6 to 8" some saugeye at Paulding Res. herd 6" ice but not confermed , also some perch at Findlay res. . Selling some bait but seen no fish . BE SAFE OUT THERE .:fish:
  4. I fished Sylvan for a couple of hours today. The bite was slow... only caught a couple of keeper gills. No one else in the vicinity (pretty much straight across from the GSP Memorial, 100 yds out from the opposite shore) was doing very well either. I would have moved around more, but it was my first time on the lake and I am not familiar with it yet.