looking for info on Terre haute area.

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  1. My wife's company is closing its doors in Michigan and she is applying for a job with the same company in Terre Haute. Just looking to get some info on where to look for housing (county). I will most likely be looking for work in indy so what areas should i look for housing that will be within an hours drive of both cities. Looking to not live in a city and maybe pick up some acreage. Any info is greatly appreciated.


  2. Might try Dleslie or Treehugger.....they are both located in that area!

  3. Might want to try the Greencastle (Putnam County) area, it's about halfway between Indy and Terre Haute. This is a nice area, Greencastle is a small town of 10,000-15,000, I think. Depending on what area of Indy you may find a job, even Terre Haute is only about an hour to an hour and a half away. I'll be glad to help you out all I can, feel free to PM or E-mail me if you want.

  4. Terre Haute guys- wasn't there some new big factory going into Terre Haute?
    Brazil area is pretty nice big rivers and reservoirs nearby - Not to far to the Hoosier National Forest
  5. thanks guys, apprciate eveything. She works for pfizer, i work for motion industries. If we can't stay in michigan, this would be the next best thing. No way am i going to connecticut.:yikes:
  6. Brazil would be a good central point, but Pfizer's is shutting down!???? Or is she one that goes in and closes a place? I have some friends that already done and out of there.