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Looking for input on new bow

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by ICOKnoy, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. I'm looking to buy a new bow next season and all I hear is Mathews, Mathews, and oh ya Mathews. Are they worth the money or can similar results be achieved by another brand?
  2. My friend Sam Collora is a Matthews man. He just got the new Hoyts in and he said the new Trykon is the smoothest bow he's ever shot. The problem is that this bow isn't going to save you any money. They usually run a little more than the Matthews. I have nothing against any brand of bow, and, yes Matthews makes a damn good one. I shot a Matthews Outback and Hoyt X-Tec side by side two years ago and after shooting both bows at least a dozen times each, picked the Hoyt. It just felt better to ME!!! My advice is go to a reputable bow dealer in your area and find the one that YOU like. It should feel like butter to you, then you'll know which one is right for you. Fair enough?!?!

  3. Very good advice. Don't go shopping with a particular bow in mind. Go to an archery shop that carries multiple brands, or go to several shops, and handle/shoot several that you think you may be interested in. One will feel like it fits you best.
  4. Dean Weimer & INBowhunter hit the nail on the head.
    I've seen many an archer during in-door and 3D season outshoot guys that were using a latest/greatest Matthews. There are many good bows out there and you have to find the one that fits you or YOU will NOT be able to shoot it well. Period.

    'Nuff said...

    Let us know what you get...

  5. Will do....Keep in mind I have shot a Pearson Spoiler for the last 14 Seasons. The only thing I have changed is the string.
  6. DNR Lawman, The Spoiler was a fine bow "back in the day". I know guys that had them too. If you haven't shot any of the new bows (new technology, etc.) you'll absolutely die because the new generation of bows are awesome. Smooth, lightweight, fast, and they look good too. Now I sound like some marketer/salesman. Sorry!!
  7. Last year I went into the bow shop and had one bow in mind, a PsE Firestorm Lite, just liked the way it looked and its weight. Shot it a few times, then shot a High Country, then picked up a Mathews Outback, didn't put it down. It just fit me and I liked it. It was a little heavier then the Firestorm and High country, but man it fit me just right. Smooth, fast and quiet without any accessories. I shoot it still like that, no string silencers, no stabilizer or limb savers. Took 5 deer with it this year , which was only my 3rd year bow hunting.

    Find the one that fits you, no matter what it is. Good luck

    What county you a C.O. in???? I know a few from Miami and Allen county
  8. I shoot a Reflex, not the most "techy" bow out there, but works well for me.
    I do wish to change my sights this spring and get away from the peep sight.
    Any good ideas out there for sights?
  9. I've had two PSE's and really like my current one, a Firestorm Lite. My hunting buddy uses a Parker and he swears by it.
  10. I just purchased the new Hoyt Trykon XL. I almost bought a Mathews Switchback, but i shot the Hoyt personally liked it better. Both bows are great and as long as you practice with it and get comfortable either one will work perfectly.
  11. Pearson still makes a quality archery equipment.
    It's a little cheaper than the mathews, I suggest shooting one and see what you think. (Pearson pride) :bouncy:
  12. whispercreek archery is new on the market fast,guiet,affordable and a lot of sound suppression devices included.I have the innovator really small axel to axel and really wild to look at! I would like to thank kodiak-50 for this bow!
  13. Shoot as many diferent brands and models as you can. Some will just "fit" you better. You'll know it when it happens. I have a Darton Fury that was used a couple of seasons if you find you like them. May also have a Hoyt X-tec for sale soon.
  14. Addict I'm from Morgan. Thanks everyone for the input.
  15. I have shot XI Miles Keller bows for the last 15 years. First I had the Legend Mag, Now the Ultra Mag. Never had any problems with them and they fit me like a glove.