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  1. i propose we write a letter to the i.d.n.r. and make all these state park special deer hunts be made into handicap & youth hunts. success seems to be very high so you will now hook a youngester on our great sport for life also the state will see their license revenue. they must be accompanied by an adult,and have passed a hunter saftey course. you all know what it felt like to get your first deer . and to add all the young people to our hunting community will be a great asset to our sport.just looking for some opinions what better place than this sight to get some ,thanks guys!!!!!!!

  2. That really DOES sound like a good idea! Makes sense if they do have a high success rate.
  3. I was with it until you said it "makes sense"...now you know a governmental agency won't touch it with a 10 foot pole!
  4. I think that would be a GREAT idea!
  5. I hear that Quaildancer.

    Here is my favorite idea, however it will never happen since it involves county, state and federal governments working together.

    The government will pay me not to farm (CRP). They will help me pay for wetland restoration. They will help me pay for tree plantings and windbreaks. This is all old news. Wouldn't it be great if the taxpayer that is paying for me to do all this conservation "stuff" would benefit a little from it?

    Why not look at a county map and talk with the county highway department. Find out where the worst snow drifts occur across our highways. Contact that landowner and offer incentives that exist today already (buffer strips, wind breaks, CRP, etc that I mentioned above) to put into place these conservation practices. How much county and state money could be saved by placing wildlife travel corridors, wind breaks and prairie grasses in places where they could keep snow off the highways. Much cheaper than buying concrete sound barriers I might add.

    Of course this will never happen. Federal government working with state, state working with county, county workers not getting overtime to plow snow on Sunday nights, not going to happen.

    Don't get me started on us continuing to mow side ditches and medians during the primary nesting season. Or the fact we plant cool season grasses there instead of warm season. I realize the corners need mowed so we can see at intersections, but how much is spent in fuel and wages so they can mow all the way over to the chain link fence along US 30 2-3 times a year?

    Too bad I wasn't governor. Of course I work at a small shop and am used to getting things done. The stress of not being able to put anything into motion would cause me to go postal. That's why I'm not in the DNR. I have no idea how those guys hang in there and keep a smile on their face. You boys are much more patient than I am!
  6. Scott - first you need to understand that the DNR does not control the mowing of those highways. That's a D.O.T. jurisdiction. Second the mowing is usually done by contractors not state personnel. Those contracts are usually granted by the party in power and hence are a difficult thing to end especially in Indiana. That said there are several states that actually plant highways and try and keep some form of warm season grasses and wildflowers growing throughout the year. Minnesota has an excellent program as do some of the pheasant growing states. But only one state has two farms dedicated to raising their own seed and was recognized last spring as a leader in developing new ideas in roadside habitat. Yup, Indiana. You can visit one of their seed farms at the Laporte District Highway Garage or talk to the landscape folks in Indianapolis.

    Sorry to be so lengthy but the Department of Highways has started this program just recently and they need folks like us to pay attention to what they are doing and give them feedback. Here's a quick link to the Indiana Roadside Heritage Program:


    Talk to them and encourage their efforts. Tell them to end the mowing and continue the planting. Makes economic and environmental sense for all of us.

    (Jack steps down from his soapbox)

    P.S. I think the idea of using the state parks as handicap and youth hunts is good but most occur during the week when kids are in school and the focus of those hunts is to reduce the herd numbers drastically not just to provide another hunting opportunity. I think if the idea can be fleshed out with more detail the IDNR might go for it but make no mistake they want those herds controlled first and foremost.
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  7. Thanks for the information Jack. It is nice to know the a group in the state is doing something like that. I know exactly what you mean on different departments and people being involved. That is my point exactly. Just too difficult to get communication to all involved.
  8. If you need any assistance Fins, give me a call. Would love to help in any way I can. Cell 317-507-5303
  9. great idea Mike to let the youth hunt the deer and wow look at all the fun a family could have togather. I VOTE YES
  10. Now I see why Quail is REALLY not in favor of this proposal. Trust us Quail, it feels good to get that first one under the belt.

    Gotcha Birdboy!!!!!!!:evilsmile !!
  11. :cheeky-sm Ya big meanie!