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Luminock nocks for arrows...

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Fish Hook, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    I saw an ad on the outdoor channel for Luminocks, they are lighted nocks for your arrows. They look like trasers when you shoot them. Nock can stay lit for 40 hours. It would make it easier to find lost arrows after the sun goes down. Anyone ever use them? They look pretty cool.
  2. Never used them.

    I do have a question about them...if anyone knows...I heard if you use these and you kill a book buck it would not qualify because these nocks would be considered tracking devices...Any truth to that???

  3. Heven't heard that yet........ But there's always got to be something......
  4. I started using them last year for the first time. i will never shoot a deer again without them. They are the coolest things. when you shoot a deer, you know exactly where you're arrow went, no second guessing about the placement of your shot. the first deer i shot with the luminok, i was on the ground in a fence row and my buddy was in a tree just to my right. we had two deer out in front of us, a doe and a yearling. He shot(and missed) the big doe @ 30 yards and she ran off about 80 yrds into the bean field. the yearling ran off too, but then got curious and started moving back in. it made it's way within about 40 yards, so i ranged him(button buck) @41 yards, drew back and let her fly! there was only about 15 minutes of legal light left and that arrow looked like a laser zipping through the air. it smacked the deer clean through both lungs, but didn't pass all the way through. he took off running to the other end of the field and crashed right inside the woodline. we could see that nock glowing bright red bouncing up and down all the way across the field. when he hit the woods the arrow broke in half, fell out, and the nock came loose and wasn't glowing.

    I would say go out and buy 3 and you won't regret it. they don't affect arrow flight and if you're taping the hunt it makes it a whole lot easier to see the shot. I get mine @ walmart for around $8 a nock. but i think they are the carbon express brand and not the actual luminok.
  5. luminok

    urbanhunter.....I thought they add 8-10g of weight on the tail end. You don't need to counter balance the other? No boat tailing?
  6. none that i've noticed. i've practiced with them from 10 to 50 yards and never noticed any difference in the arrow flight between them and the normal nocks. i shoot with blazer vanes too, so that could help in stabilizing the arrow with the heavier nock.
  7. blazers

    The blazers add more to the tail but not much. I shoot a pretty light setup, total weight including the head is around 350g. I always hesitated trying the luminocks. I shoot the standard vanes that are on the ce prohunter. I'll buy a couple of the nocks and give them a try.
  8. As long as the weight of your arrow is still 10% or more forward of center, you should be all right.
  9. OldRook,
    Are referring to Blazer Vanes? If so they are only 5 grains/fletch, much lighter than regular vanes. You should be saving weigth in the tail if you are shooting Blazer Vanes.
  10. i thought somebody on this sight made their own lighted nocks? if so let us know again
  11. Mason thanks for the correction....I was thinking of quickspins with their own wraps....they are a little heavier than standard.
  12. you can make those things.....
    Its about the same as buying them, but if you like to tinker you can make them pretty damn easy.
  13. it takes two nocks, a lighted bobber light, some glue and a few sewing pins. With a little effort and a lot of patience one can be made. Its not bad at all. I think Dec is the resident expert on the topic.
  14. I know very little about these...

    But the guys at the Hunters Den in LaOtto tried them on the range and they had problems with them flying off during arrow flight. Don't know anything more than that.
  15. I Used Bobber Lights Last Year And Glued Them In My Knock Just Have To Pop The Knock Out To Turn Them On And Off Worked Great At About Buck/fifty Apeice Red Or Green Color!!!!!