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Lunch in Chicago....

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Had lunch and got to meet Trdtnlbwhntr today in Chicago.Was a very good Lunch and really enjoyed myself seemed a little shy at First But by the time we where done Telling Hunting Stories You where all smiles...;) Just hope the people at the next Table didnt get Offened by my Big mouth and Our Wild Stories!!!!Good to meet you Guy....:grouphug:
  2. I can't believe that you'd have a big mouth, Brew! :lol: Good to be a part of this site, isn't it?

  3. well poop

    Well poop Brew! I met you in Indianapolis and you didnt offer to buy me lunch.:bash:
  4. Heck brew, next time your headed out this way PM me.
  5. Are you sure Brew bought lunch ???:corkysm55 :corkysm55
  6. Hey Brew
    It was good to meet you too. Hopefully we can do it again sometime when you and I are both back up in this area. It was fun. Sorry we couldnt sit there and shoot the breeze even more but being away for too long makes people in the office wonder where the hell youve been. Im sure if i told them i was at lunch trading hunting stories, they wouldnt understand one bit. Like I said... good to meet ya and we will do it again.
  7. Brew...I'm seeing a pattern meet everyone in a restaurant???
  8. Brew if you get up this way, around Ft Wayne give me a call and we can meet up with Dean and he could buy our lunch.
  9. I see you left me out of that,410. It was Dean who swiped that fish off your plate, not me.