Lunch with the new IDNR Director

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  1. On Monday December 4 2006 I will have lunch with the new IDNR Director Rob Carter. I was asked today on what "projects" we could work together on and what concerns we had.

    "We" as in the IDHA (Indiana Deer Hunters Association), The IDHA is proud of its' record of representing the "deer hunters" of Indiana and as such I would welcome all members of this site's comments.

    First and foremost on the IDHA agenda will be the purchase of the Minnehaha property that is for sale and could be lost to sportsmen if not purchased By the State. The continued commitment to land purchase for hunting and fishing is critical.

    I want suggestions on other ideas or changes we would like to see. This IS NOT a debate topic, throw out the ideas, if you agree with a point say it again. You don't agree silence is

    I will make a list of points to be made in the meeting and will take notes during the meeting and do a summary to post here Monday evening.

    New Director and we start at "ground zero", we begin a new relationship and hopefully can work together as we have in the past. I asked a very important question of Rob today........what are your political aspirations? He said "none".

    We start anew............

    I have posted this also on the IDHA site, I am certain that the IBA (Indiana Bowhunters Association) is doing the same thing on their site. Three outa four aint

  2. I like hearing that. Perhaps suggest how the majority of hunters that you've come in contact with feel about the OBR.
  3. I like the idea of plugs in the shotguns...3 shells is plenty!
  4. check option

    automated tele-check alternative.
  5. Things i would like to see done

    1.) Change our Firearms season... Move it away from the rut and shorten it. Heck in stead of three weekends and two weeks how about a week and two weekends in the month of December with plugged guns.

    2.) I know things are getting tight around the country and spending 100 bucks a year on tags isnt quite fair. If a resident wants to hunt all three seasons and kill an extra doe thats 100 bucks in tags. IF a non resident wants to shotgun for 16 days that costs him 150? Take it easy on the residents of this state. IF anything make the firearms tag unisex like the muzzleloader. If you kill a doe with it you have killed your firearms deer or you tag it with a bonus and hold on to it. How many empty handed hunters have bore down on a small buck to use their tag up and get a little extra meat when the passed up 10 does during the season because they couldnt afford that extra 24 dollars. Doesnt make much sense if you ask me.

    3.) NO CROSSBOWS EVER end of story. They arent bows they are crutches for the lazy. Anything short of a legit handicap shouldnt be using them.

    4.) Manage the herd in a way condusive to big bucks and success. Yet maintain that level of fundage that it provides us each year. If you want to make money charge the out of staters a pretty penny. You want to get outfitters away from this state there are two ways to do it. One produce small bucks like years past... or two jack the cost up of out of state tags so high that outfitters cant justify coming into this state. Or better yet put a tax on all outfitter services that pretty much renders them a break even organization.

    5.) Crack down harder on the fenced hunting issue. Letting Gov Daniels ***** foot around them and waiting till someone else in office gets to handle the problem isnt the solution. Get rid of them and screw the recouping of their losses. They were prostituting wild animals thats all.

    yeah some of that may be a little harsh or maybe unrealistic but its what id like to see.
  6. Yeah, the prices of tags are rediculous. Move the shot gun season after the rut or shorten it considerbly. I don't think that limiting the shells that a hunter can take will do the trick, make only singleshot shotguns legal. Lets make it to where it is only legal to take a buck with archery gear along with an antlerless.......i'm sure i'm going to hear some rebutals...... and make it where you can only take a doe with shotgun and muzzleloader. That would should bring the buck to doe ratio closer to 1:1 real fast.
  7. I echo some of the comments already made:

    1. Tele-check-in system

    2. Make the firearms tag either sex. The IDNR should establish a 9 day ANTERLESS ONLY season running the first full weekend in January through the following next weekend. Any firearm or muzzleloader tag not used during their respective seasons would be allowed to be used during this 9 day ANTERLESS ONLY season. An additional option to this would be to allow use of any BONUS ANTERLESS license, previously purchased by a hunter, to be used during this 9 day ANTERLESS SEASON.

    3. All non-resident deer hunters should be charged a reciprocal fee in line with the fee charged to Indiana residents in the non-resident state. Indiana is missing the boat on additional revenue in regards to non-resident deer hunters. When I see trucks pulling up to the check-in stations and meat packing houses with Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia, etc. on the license plates that tells me we have been found out and we need to capitalize on it. Not sure if everyone knows this or not but in Illinois when you hunt the firearms season you have to designate the county in which you will hunt and can only hunt that county. No wonder many Illinois hunters are coming to Indiana...they can hunt anywhere in our state and at a great price in comparison to what we can hunt over there!

    4. Definitely a 3 slug limit during the firearms season. It's for everyone's safety.

    5. IDNR should look into purchasing / leasing the former Peabody Universal Mine property just Southwest of Universal, Indiana. 100's of acres of prime pheasant, quail, rabbit, and deer habitat, as well as 100's of pristine fishing lakes and ponds. Peabody consulted with the IDNR when establishing many of the reclaimed areas and lakes on this property. How much of the taxpayer's money of the state of Indiana was utilized when this took place? The land is currently leased by a large farm for grazing purposes and the only citizens of Indiana that use the property are the poachers and tresspassers that stoop low enough to do it. Bring a much deserved IDNR hunting / fishing area to West Central Indiana and utilize the resources that are in the area.

    6. Last but certainly not least...PLEASE ADD SOME MORE IDNR CONSERVATION OFFICERS TO THE PAYROLL!!! How can the state manage the resources without enough personnel to cover the regions that each CO is currently responsible for at this time. They do the best they can but it's a futile attempt at best, especially during deer season.
  8. I'm for the OBR 100%, but I would like to only have to buy one buck tag. Maybe have different types of buck tags that are priced according to the season/s you hunt. For example if you plan to bow hunt only,this tag would be cheaper than one that could be used for bow/firearm/ML.
  9. 1) Bring back LifeTime Licenses for one year (or more) to let those less fortunate and our youth who didn't have the chance to buy one have their oppurtunity to get one.

    2) OBR for life.

    3) One buck tag to cover all seasons ($50)

    4) Shorten firearms season to one week and two weekends, and move it to later in the year (December 8th or later) away from the first rut.

    5) Single-shot guns only for firearms season.

    6) Buy more and develop land for all types of hunting.
  10. I think we could get more detailed information from most of the members if the top 5 to 10 ideas or changes were put into poll form. Post more polls on some of these ideas such as:

    1.) Shorten firearm season or move it

    2.) OBR for life

    3.) automated tele-check in system

    4.) Slug limit during firearms

    5.) Bring back Lifetime licenses for another year for idiots like me that didn't
    buy one.

    6.) Crossbows in Late archery (yes or no)

    7.) etc..
  11. everyone knows that sportsmen like ourselves needs the land for hunting and fishing.
  12. definate bring back lifetime licenses
  13. 1) Shorten firearm season-two weeks is too long!

    2) Tele-check

    3) Higher non-resident tag prices, everyone else charges us

    4) Increased CO's I've hunted and fished all of my life and
    have never once been checked for licensing/questioning or anything and rarely even see CO's (the one's i've talked with have been very helpful and I feel they are just understaffed)
  14. 1) OBR 5 more years or longer (forever prefered)
    2) Shorten and move back the gun season to after Thanksgiving. One week is more then pleanty of time.
    3) Shorten and move back muzzleloader season to between Christmas & New Years, 5 to maybe 7 days.
    4) Continue the youth season and add antlered deer to their opportunity
    5) Plug slug guns like watefowl
    6) A deer license, not sex or weapon specific
    7) Telecheck, at least as an option to the check stations
    8) A late goose season ... Late Jan or into Feb with liberal limits