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Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by pigeonflier, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Anyone going to Lunkers Fishing Extravagaza this weekend. Not alot of deals on prices but they do have anything and everything for fishing. Have a few seminars as well. I dont think Jimmy H will be there this time.
  2. I always like to check out the Extravaganza.... Met Babe Winkleman there a couple of years back seemed like a neat guy.

  3. Where is Lunkers at? When we fished a tourney at the St. Joe river last year I overheard someone saying something about having lunch there. Is this the same Lunkers? Do they have a web adress?
  4. Edwardsburg, MI.
  5. 23 north out of Indiana. They have a good restaurant there. Killer fish sandwhich. You have to really want something to buy it at Lunkers. They arenot the cheapest, but they do have everything in every color. Bought 2 goose chairs from them couple years ago, and the guy took off $10 a piece for 2. Bought my Black Diamond ML there also. Was ok price. They usually have a couple big names there also for the event.
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  6. Do I really need to say it James?
  7. I'm sure you know of plenty of bait shops in Ill. tree.
  8. Illinois??


    By the way, get there early, or be prepared to park across the street and walk a ways. it gets pretty crowded.
  10. In the past they have had some pretty good clearance specials during the show. :) There ought to be some ice fishing equipment on clearance:(