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Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by pigeonflier, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Heading to Lunker's tonight.. Coronas are cold,, and I need a new rod:evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. Pigeon never been there, but to get there soon. Should wait on a new rod until you come to the expo they have plenty and the price usally a little better.

  3. I like Lunkers, it's unique. Plus, the food is darn good too. I headed to the new Bass Pro shop today in Portage. That store is awesome. Nothing against Lunker's but it will be hard for me not to go BPS now being as it is a 25minute drive on the interstate.
  4. Lunker's is nice, but their gear seems expensive to me...they do have good food though.
  5. Isn't their extravaganza coming up here soon? Met Babe Winkleman there a few years back..
  6. Lunkers is cool. I go there every year after our club tourney on the St.Joe river. The new Bass Pro Shops in Portage is a madhouse. I won't be there for at least a month. By that time all the lookie loos and rookies will be done shoppping and getting their free crap that BPS gives away. Parking will be easier too.
  7. I went there a few years ago with my grandpa nad thought it was heaven. I think I need to go back up there sometime.
  8. Anyone ever coming up here to go to Lunkers, gimme a holler, I'll meet ya for an Ice COLD "Lunker Mug"...Just got home from there ;)

  9. Just got home also,, where were ya sittin fuzzy??:confused:
  10. come on fellas we've gotta communicate better!!! we spend 18 hours a day on this site, there is no excuse for missing each other haha
  11. Front, Dead center of the bar pigeonflyer. 2 of us 300 #ers... went in there to get ice fishing supplies then got a sammich and a couple beer.

  12. See that's why I went to the local Embroidery shop and had me a Hat made with my Handle on it...

    Of course those who don't understand the finer things in life (such as Fishing) wonder what a Hoosier Steelheader is?

    And of course to those uneducated few who make the mistake of asking, I simply reply, That means I got a steel plate in my head.....
    But to all my fraternity brothers / sisters, we understand...

    But you have to have a publically acceptable handle, I don't think I would wear a hat like that if my handle was "Backdoor trot" or "Yellow Snow.." or "Flatuation Champion of 87..." (ok I do have a hat that says that, but that's another story...)
    But go ahead, be creative, and if you need the name of a good embroidery shop, send me a PM.


    This Board even offers member gear(I think I know the Mi side does), if you don't want to have your own handle on your hats... At Least when you see another Indiana hat, shirt or bumper sticker you can strike up a conversation.
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  13. I have a MUZZY hat that I had FUZZY put on the back of!

    Fuzzy Muzzy ;)
  14. Look around fuzzy,, someones watching you:evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile
  15. This is a good idea, Hoosier. I believe Dean has his Mom do this for him as well, be we really don't want him exposing his underware in public.